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Orlando, FL – January 28-30, 2014



Jason Moore of Midnight Oil will offer multiple workshops, a keynote address and will be co-leading two worship services as well as preaching at this event.

January 38-30 2014

Location and Time:

First United Methodist Church Winter Park
125 N. Interlachen Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

More Information:

-Strategies for Worship That Sticks – Wouldn’t it be great if every worship service could live on well past the weekend? Real transformation happens when worship is creative, meaningful and memorable. This workshop looks at practical, easy to implement strategies for creating “sticky worship”.

-Design Matters: 7 Principles for More Effective Visuals in Worship – The language of image is one that must be learned. Whether you know the rules or not, this design 101 course that will teach 7 time-tested principles for design that, when implemented, will take your visuals to the next level. Designed with media producers in mind, this course will help beginners and seasoned artists alike. 

5 Questions Your Visitors Are Thinking, But Won’t Ask! – Church visitors experience worship vastly different than regular attendees. In this workshop, you’ll learn the top 5 questions on the minds of your visitors, and how to address them. Based on Jason’s work as a worship consultant, this will be an exploration of the most common issues that often go unseen by insiders. (Includes a discussion about how to make your church a more inviting environment.)

Creating Worship Design Team Synergy - Assembling a group of passionate worship planners for a regularly scheduled meeting is relatively easy; getting those people to function as one and truly achieve greatness is a much more difficult task. With over 25 years of combined worship design team experience, as part of more than 15 different teams, Jason Moore and James Keith Posey, have boiled down their collective experiences into practical principles that any team can benefit from. Whether you’re just getting started or whether you’re a seasoned team looking for new inspiration, this workshop has just what you need to reach new heights.

Putting it All Together: An interactive Worship Design Team Experience - You’ve learned the ins and outs of creative worship, nows your chance to roll up your sleeves and make it happen. Join Jason Moore, James Keith Posey, Delia Pierson and others for a live demonstration of the worship design process. Instructors will design worship on the fly, from scratch with no prep ahead of time. Participants will get the “real” experience in real time as they act as a collective additional team member. This hands on workshop is sure to be fun and educational.


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