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Money Bundle

Cincinnati, OH — May 13, 2017

5 things masthead

It’s been said that every church wants to grow. If that is statement is true, are we really poised for it in the way we treat and attend to our new visitors?

While you might not think it, guest readiness is one of the most important issues facing the church today. Without really meaning to, the majority of churches are blind to the things that visitors consider when deciding wether or not to return for future visits.

No matter how good/powerful worship is, it’s only half the battle. Insider language, unspoken rituals, confusing signage and unpreparedness are all huge factors in why visitors don’t come back to participate in our faith communities.

Like going to a restaurant for a meal – even when the food is spectacular – if the experience surrounding the meal is bad, patrons are unlikely to return. It simply doesn’t have to be that way!

Join nationally known worship coach and author Jason Moore as he shares lessons learned from years of providing “secret worshiper consultations” in churches large and small. Jason will help your church identify what the 5 most pressing issues are for new visitors and how to address them with easy-to-implement ideas and systematic steps.

5 Things will include instruction on how to develop and train a more intentional/welcoming hospitality team, how to/why to develop a formal child check-in procedure, how conduct a signage audit, and what to do with with your existing space. All of these things and so much more will help you recognize the things that you may have been missing for years.

Bring your whole team for an experience filled with laughter, fun and practical learnings. Come ready to engage in hands-on role playing exercises, work to improve visitor conversations, move from transactional to relational interactions and even learn how to secret worship at partner churches. Register today! We won’t tell – it’s a secret!

Location and Time

Saturday,  May 13th,  2017

Shiloh UMC
5261 Foley Rd,
Cincinnati, OH 45238

Sponsored by: The Ohio River Valley District of the UMC

$20 per person for non-Shilo members (lunch included)
$10 per person for Shiloh members (lunch included)

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