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Creative Worship: Who Is It For?

People will often write or call and ask if Midnight Oil seminars are most useful for “newbies” or more advanced worship producers, designers and leaders. The answer is, both. The seminar is helpful for a wide variety of people, regardless of proficiency level. The reason is, regardless of experience, it is rare that a church has a collective understanding of how to think not just in text, but image. We’ve seen churches that have 15-20 years of screen experience in worship with little understanding about the nature of the medium and how to use it best to communicate the Gospel.

So, we have designed the Creative Worship seminar to be equally instructional for those wanting to take initial steps and those needing direction to re-ignite and flame their ministry efforts.

Also, and this is just as impotant:

The Creative Worship seminar is best experienced together, as a team, with the other members of your worship and media design process. Many times we ask during the seminar how many have come alone. Of the minority that raise their hand, we ask how many wish they had their pastor/media director/music leader with them. Everyone keeps their hand raised. Our seminars are not just for techies, but for anyone who wants the screen to be a vital part of the worship experience.

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