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Creative Worship: What Will I Learn?

 width=The Creative Worship seminar is unlike any other ministry seminar you have ever experienced.

Over the course of the day you will learn to look at our culture a little differently, and possibly your own ministry as well. You may come to realize that your thinking is rooted in the world of words, and that to use the screen well you need to learn more about the world of images.

You may take some steps toward better “image literacy,” as well. Throughout the event you will focus on the creative use of metaphors, graphics and video. You will strategize models for digital age worship.

You will find hope that you, too, can be a digital artist. You will get to sit in on a design master class, and learn some (or learn some more) about what makes certain images effective and others not.

You may also learn that you can’t do this alone. You’ll have the opportunity to think critically about designing worship in a team. You will even experience first- hand the power of working in a team through our interactive team building session.

And that’s not all. You will begin to put together start-up strategies, or, discover ideas for keeping the fires burning. You will learn about a plethora of new resources, hardware and software, available for your ministry. You will leave with sketchpads filled with drawing and ideas.

And you may just get inspired.

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