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9111_10151530325639755_245865783_nIf you’ve ever seen an excruciating media presentation in worship then you know that for many churches new media has nothing to do with new energy and creativity in worship. Many churches have jumped on the digi-bandwagon, but have quickly discovered that doing so does not necessarily create instant congregational renewal. That’s because there’s a big difference between technology and culture. While the technology is in place, many of us are still operating out of old, text-based mindsets when the world around us, and even our own congregations, has learned to live and think in image.

The real story in worship now is not the use of screens, but how screens and other forms of creativity come together to create powerful God experiences.

This constantly evolving seminar invites you to come explore what happens next with the latest thinking on culture, art, teams and technology. Over 13 years in the making, the Creative Worship seminar teaches timeless techniques and methodologies that churches large and small alike can use to make big things happen in worship and beyond. This highly rated seminar has been hosted in 42 states (and counting) in local churches, as part of denominational gatherings and at national events such as Worship Leader and the Festival of Homiletics.

Learn how to create worship that is deep, meaningful, memorable and that creates disciples and those with a missional mindset.

Rediscover creativity. Experience real and memorable moments of worship. Creative Worship.

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