Worship Media Arts

Seminars by Midnight Oil

In today’s ministry landscape, doing the same old, same old just doesn’t cut it. If we truly want to be effective in this present time, we must employ new ways to communicate the Gospel in worship. At Midnight Oil, we strive to provide seminars that explore new methods and techniques for powerful, authentic worship that is true to the risen Christ.

From biblically-backed theoretical approaches, to practical hands-on training, our seminars are designed to meet a variety of needs and speak to ministry areas including preaching, music, media and more.

Creative Worship

Creative Worship: Culture Art Team Technology

If we're created in God's image, then we're created to be creative. That applies to worship too. Learn how to work in teams to utilize culture, art and technology for the sake of connecting people to God in worship in this one-day event featuring the latest from the MO Guys.


Design Matters

Design Matters: How to Create Powerful Imagery for Worship

This next-level seminar takes a closer look at creating powerful media for worship with a in-depth and hands-on examination of principles for design, ways to utilize media in worship, tools of the trade, and much more.