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“Few authors have foreseen the future of language. Len Wilson and Jason Moore, in Digital Storytellers, capture not only the prophetic union of technology and worship, but also the first glimpse of a new way of thinking… a new way of communicating.”
– Thomas Holstadt, a Fulbright scholar and author of Spirit and Emotion and Dying to Live

“Whether you’re anti-screen (“not in my sanctuary!”) or antiquated screen (screens as “information-dispensers” mentality), Digital Storytellers will challenge you and your congregation to move beyond your comfort zones. Way beyond. A thoughtful, hands-on guide, authored in the trenches of digital ministry.”
– Sally Morgenthaler, speaker and author of Worship Evangelism

“Like the scouts Caleb and Joshua, Wilson and Moore open the door to our digital future with these words: Come In, No Fear, God is already there.”
– Leonard Sweet, futurist and author of more than one hundred articles, 600 published sermons and thirty books.