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Ask the MO Guys June 2005

In this month’s mailbag, Ed Bruning offers us a solution to an occasional question we get about our videos not showing up on the projector output of a PC. (We’re Mac guys, so we couldn’t answer this question on our own.) He offered us a 10-step solution for troubleshooting the no video problem. You can read it here.

We also hear from Charles Draidfort, who wonders if there’s ever a good reason to go to black on screen. Charles’ team is struggling with what to put on the screen whenever there’s no image for what the pastor is saying. Charles, the short answer is, blank screens are bad. But if you’ve heard us speak I’m sure you already knew we were going to say that. Depending on the context you may consider bringing back the image that contains the point the preacher is on, or if what is being said doesn’t correspond directly to the point, you may go to the main image for the service. Your question illustrates how the image director becomes an important part of the worship service. You want someone calling the shots who is paying close attention and makes good interpretations for communicating the Gospel in worship.

Finally, David Sadd offers some real world feedback on our concept of “trust the metaphor.” After attending our seminar, David went home and began to write a sermon on worshipping the father in spirit and truth, with a metaphor of giving gifts at a wedding. He said he floundered on the next part until he remembered the wedding, at which point it fell together nicely. Isn’t it amazing, David, what a metaphor can do.

Thanks for writing and for your interest in our ministry. If you have a question of comment for us, we’d love to hear from you.

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