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Ask the MO Guys July 2006 (Did You Know Edition)

Our mailbox has been stuffed lately with great questions. Many of them have a “Did You Know” quality to them:

Did you know the details to making a timelapse video? Kim Schweder from SoCal wonders how we did our Home Construction time lapse video. Never fear, Kim, we’ve laid it all out for you here. And keep preaching metaphor in worship. Someday the light will turn on.

Did you know you can customize the title on our flame videos? Rena Cooke, also a Californian, liked our Fireworks video, not for the 4th of July but for an upcoming church awards celebration, and wonders if it’s possible to change the title of the video. Yes, by one of two ways: DIY (that’s Do-It-Yourself) with your own video editing program or the After Effects and audio files we included with the video. Or call us, and we’ll customize it for you for an additional $25. Just email us here if you need us to do a custom title for you.

Did you know you can download Midnight Oil themes directly from our website now? A whole host of folks have been asking for our themes as individual downloads, so we’re making it happen. We’ve got some downloadable media, and more to come throughout the summer. And, if there’s one you really want that is not available yet, let us know and we’ll add it to the store ASAP!

Did you know the secrets to preparing finished videos so they look great onscreen in worship? Frank Rondon from Lowell, MA, a recent seminar attendee, is making his own videos now and writes, “How come when I resize your Flame videos in PowerPoint the quality remains just as good, but when I resize my home made videos the quality is so poor?”

Frank, the key to your question is to use a separate program for compression. Any video production has various stages – pre-production (planning), production (shooting), post-production (editing), and distribution (compressing for presentation or web, or dumping to DVD or tape). Most churches just shoot and edit, and skip pre and distribution, or just try to use the editing program for the distribution step. While this is sometimes adequate, if you want to do it right, you need a separate application for the final step. We use AutoDesk Discreet Cleaner and have tweaked the MPEG1 settings over a long period of time to get them exactly where we want them. Warning – it costs about $450. But it’s worth it!

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  1. chuck boutwell said,

    Wrote on July 25, 2006 @ 12:35 pm

    I caught you in Indianapolis a few weeks ago and I found the mini-service you did to be more helpful than I could have imagined. The music, the message, the metaphor the punch cards — it really showed how you bring all the elements together. If you guys ever record this, it would be really helpful to those who want to show an example to their pastors of how this kind of service would look.
    Thanks bunches.
    Chuck Boutwell
    P.S. You talked about a church in Dallas where they are doing this right. Can you give me the name? Can you tell me any others?

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