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Ask the MO Guys August 2005

<p>In this month’s mailbag, <strong>Kevin Wilson</strong> wonders about the differences between PowerPoint and some of the worship presentation software packages available such as <a href=SundayPlus and Song Show Plus. He states, “I confess, I’m not that interested in learning a new product.” Kevin, we can all relate to that feeling.

A lot of people love using a specialty software program for worship. There are the 2 you mentioned plus Media Shout and Easy Worship, and a host of smaller ones. We promote all of the major ones to our folks, but honestly we don’t have a preference. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. You may check out demo versions on our spark/flame discs or on their respective websites. (In fact, we use a Macintosh, so PowerPoint is about it for us anyway!) But, we must confess, a learning curve is part of it.

After seeing the little one we used onstage in our seminar, Stan Hall sends in wondering about small sound mixers. We use the Behringer EuroRack MX 602 A. It’s a great little board for both stage and editing work with 6 channels, balanced in and out, EQ, et cetera. Best of all, it’s under $100. Here’s a link:

Cool Sound Mixer Link Right Here

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