Worship Media Arts

The Wired Church 2.0

Do you think it's necessary to use visual media to communicate the gospel? Consciously or not, our opinion on this question informs all of our decisions on media in ministry. Explore the definitive answer to using media in worship with this classic book, updated and expanded.


Digital, visual media is not an add-on, but an emerging, fundamentally new system of communication, equal to the oral and written word. It is imperative that today’s Christian leaders understand and use media effectively in worship. The Wired Church 2.0 is your fundamental guide to the theology, methodology, and practice of media ministry.

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Table of Contents:
Part One: Developing a Mission for Media
1–Understanding Digital Media
2–Four Ways to Understand Media in Ministry
3–The Shape of this Cultural Language
4–The “Entertainment” Question
5–Concurrently Cultural and Countercultural

Part Two: Designing Meaningful Media for Worship
6–Beyond the AV Mentality
7–Visual Preaching and Worship Planning
8–Basics for Building Visual Elements
9–A Quick Guide to Video Production
10–How to Make Great Graphics

Part Three: Building a Championship Crew
11–Establish the Game Plan
12–The Roster of a Winning Media Ministry
13–Training Camp for Your Team
14–Spiritual Coaching and Leadership
15–Preparation for the Big Event

Part Four: Mastering the Technology
16–A Story on Getting Started
17–Lessons on the Use of Technology
18–Technical Basics
19–The Phasing Plan