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Tower of Pisa

A theme that will work well when focusing on the folly of human design, God's plan and will versus our own, and more.


– BMP image with sample text
– BMP image with no text
– Additional background version(s)
– Layered Adobe (PSD) file for more customization
- Works with all presentation software applications
– 2 page Creative Guide with topics, scriptures, and more creative ideas on usage

See the power of our layered Adobe Photoshop files here.

How to Use This Theme

- Achievements. We often build monuments to our own successes in life, for example our house with its perfect landscaping. Like the Tower of Babel, these monuments can become replacements to God. (Genesis 11:1-9)
- Christian Living. When we build our lives on anything but the rock of Christ, it is a shifting foundation that is unable to withstand the vagaries of time. (Matt 7:21)
- Faith. Like different building foundations for different types of soil, each of us must be careful that our plans work for our plot of land. (Romans 14:11-8)
- Legacy. Our work in this life is empty and worthless if we toil for our own satisfaction. A tower built on our own desire for possessions will not last beyond us, but a tower built on love and service will. (Ecc 2:117-26)