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Time Clock

The timeclock is an everyday staple of many people's lives. What better way to connect to your congregation, when talking about faith among the ordinary days of our lives, the servant nature of ministry, the character of a disciple, and much more.


– BMP image with sample text
– BMP image with no text
– Additional background version(s)
– Layered Adobe (PSD) file for more customization
- Works with all presentation software applications
– 2 page Creative Guide with topics, scriptures, and more creative ideas on usage

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How to Use This Theme

- Faith. Someone with true faith gets up everyday and does the hard work of clocking in to life. Faith that moves mountains comes not from fame or glory, but from ordinary people doing their job of serving in ministry, everyday. These actions are a reflection of faith. (James 2:14-26)
- Service. Although we don’t often think of Jesus’ ministry as work, his ministry lifestyle acts as a model of service and compassion for us to follow. (Mark 1:29-39)
- Social Justice. Our work as Christians, the clocking in we do everyday in faith, comes not for a desire to build bigger mansions for ourselves, but from a desire to empty ourselves into others. Selfless service is the “clocking in” of our faith. (Matthew 25: 31-46)
- Teamwork. The disciples were like a group of regular guys clocking in to their job, yet their efforts collectively changed the world. A good topic for celebrating hard-working men and women, such as on Labor’s Day. (Acts 5:12-16)