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New Year's Eve

Ring in the new year with our themed image set. Or, use the metaphor to talk about endings and beginnings. Check below for more ideas.


– BMP image with sample text
– BMP image with no text
– Additional background version(s)
– Layered Adobe (PSD) file for more customization
- Works with all presentation software applications
– 2 page Creative Guide with topics, scriptures, and more creative ideas on usage

See the power of our layered Adobe Photoshop files here.

How to Use This Theme

- Celebration. Like in the early church, life among the believers is designed to be a party of fellowship, love and sharing. (Acts 2:43-47)
- Kingdom of God. God’s people counted the days for a Messiah that would overthrow Roman rule and take away their earthly trouble. Many did not understand that Jesus’ did that very thing, but that his ministry was about establishing a kingdom not of this world. (Luke 4:14-21)
- New Life. Just as we countdown to a new beginning at New Year’s, Bartimaeus anticipated what Jesus could do for him as he sat by the side of the road in his blindness. With the vision given to us by Jesus, we too can see all things new. (Mark 10:46-52)
– Waiting. Sometimes, we have to wait for the very end to capture the purpose for our life’s work. The prophet Simeon, as the final act of his life, sees Jesus and declares that he has seen the Messiah, the salvation of Israel. His final declaration marks the beginning of a new year–an age of grace over law. (Luke 2:22-40)