Worship Media Arts

Handbook for Multisensory Worship II

Learn how to design multisensory worship firsthand with these thirty examples, including actual scripts used in worship, music and movies with notation, dramas, calls to worship, and more.


The handbook contains 30 more complete contemporary services created in used in weekly worship. The book explains how to choose appropriate themes, build a service around them, and identify scriptures that build on these themes. Congregations will learn how to identify and address the felt needs of the audience, both in and around the congregation. Worship aids are thematically based:

– music–which songs to use and where to get the music and permission to use it.
– video clips–what to use, where and how to get them, and how to get permission to use them.
– graphics and images–where to find images that support sermons.
– dramas–the book includes sources of dramas and examples that can be used by congregations and guidance on how to draw.
– people into drama and train them to participate in worship in this way.
– if applicable, calls to worship, prayers, offertory prayers, and sentences.
– Midnight Oil owners Len Wilson and Jason Moore co-wrote/produced these materials while part of the Ginghamsburg Church near Dayton, Ohio.