Worship Media Arts

Glimpse the Divine

Connect with your community in a powerfully relevant way this year with Glimpse the Divine. This complete resource includes multiple versions of the same visual themes for worship and promotion/outreach.

$15.00 — $75.00

Do you ever feel … dulled? The day to day drudgery of life steals joy and sometimes even hope. Even at Christmastime, we are sped along by our todo list, absent of the vitality of the season. We see joy in children’s eyes but cannot escape our own emotional and spiritual malaise. Many of us feel like the shepherds, stuck in life’s dirty jobs. By the time we grow up, we are jaded and cynical from life’s series of difficult and ordinary days. We lose the wondrous eyes of childhood.

What were to happen if you were to experience a glimpse of something supernatural? Something unbelievable? Would you deny it, rationalize it, keep going with your todo list? Or would you let it shake up your life in amazing and meaningful ways? The good news of Christmas is that God wants to give us a glimpse of the divine this season.

Preview the included media below.

• 33 second shortform video in both MPG and H264 formats
• 70 second longform video in both MPG and H264 formats
• Looping video suitable for song lyrics background (MPG)
• Complete set of worship graphics (PSD and BMP formats)
• (EXCLUSIVE) Editable Adobe Photoshop/Elements files (.psd)
• Expanded slideshow of images that match the story (.bmp)
• Bulletin image in black and white or full color (.tif)
• Complete creative guide with suggestions for use (.pdf)

• Full resolution 30 sec. video for broadcast (MOV)
• 60 sec. customizable radio spot (AIF)
• Optimized web images (.jpg)
• Poster–8.5 x 11 flyer for promoting your worship (.tif)
• Bookmark for promotion or as a “takehome” item (.tif)
• Bulletin image in black and white or full color (.tif)