Worship Media Arts

Freedom Bundle

Celebrate freedom! Get four themes for the price of one with the new Midnight Oil Freedom Bundle.


The Freedom Bundle includes two brand new themes plus two favorites from the Midnight Oil Library.

These four themes are worth over $60 in the Midnight Oil store, but you can get them in this bundle for only $19. The bundle includes four sets of spark still images, three motion background loops, two flame theme intro videos, and one countdown:

1. American Flag
2. Fireworks
3. Grill
4. Patriotic Homes

As always, each of the still image sets are customizable with any layered image editor. Insert your own theme line, edit for sermon notes, and more. Easily whip up a seamless, connected collection of media for worship and present using any presentation software.

Still set
- Includes multiple stills for each of the four themes, including titled stills, untitled stills, variations of background stills in the same style (all BMP format)
- Layered, Photoshop-ready files so you can customize the image to fit your own needs (PSD format)
- Two-page creative guides with topics, scriptures, and other ideas on using the theme in worship and church gatherings (PDF format).

Loop video
Three themes come with a 90-second video in the same style as the stills.

Intro video
Two themes come with a intro video in the same style as the stills.

Countdown video
One theme comes with a three minute countdown video in the same style as the stills.