Worship Media Arts

Easter Loops 2

Volume 2 includes 10 all-new looping motion background videos and matching still image sets for Len and Easter season. These subtle looping background videos capture a variety of timeless and trendy visual styles and are the perfect backdrop to songs, sermons, prayer, communion, and more.


Each of the 10 videos comes with matching, customizable still images. Drop these professional quality, full-screen MPEG-1 formatted clips into your favorite presentation program. They are “ready-to-use” right off the CD. Or, insert your own theme line, edit for sermon notes, and more. Easily whip up a seamless, connected collection of media for worship!

– 10 looping videos, 90 seconds each
– Universal, full-screen MPEG1 codec videos
– Complete matching sets of images at 720×540, 72 ppi
– Titled, untitled and background theme images (.bmp)
– Matching Adobe Photoshop/Elements files (.psd)
– Works with PowerPoint, MediaShout, SundayPlus, EasyWorship
Song Show Plus, and more. Note that Powerpoint cannot display
video behind text.

1. Celtic Cross
2. Crown of Thorns 2
3. Easter Candle
4. Easter Eggs
5. Inside Tomb
6. Jesus in the Garden
7. Stylized Profile Cross
8. Sunrise
9. The Lord’s Supper
10. VIntage Cross