Library Sale Ends Tomorrow Night

The insanity is almost over!

Our popular 12 disk library sale is coming to an end midnight tomorrow. This is your chance to own the entire graphics, intro videos, loops and countdowns library from Midnight Oil for over $1000 off the individual download price. With savings like that you can’t afford not to take advantage of the ...

Insane Library Sale

With the Spark/Flame/Loops/Countdowns library, you can carry visual and scriptural themes throughout each and every worship service you plan. What’s more, you can customize them with layered Adobe Photoshop files (for graphics) and After Effects files (for customizing titles). And, better yet, now you can search scripture and topic on the Midnight Oil website to find the perfect matching theme for your sermon.

The entire collection is only $199 until tomorrow at midnight. Plus, we're throwing in Announce It! Volume 1 for free! Don't miss this once a year opportunity.

The Theology of Twitter

The Theology of TwitterDoes Twitter preach?

Len's church, Trietsch Memorial UMC of Flower Mound TX, is currently doing a sermon series called “The Theology Of Twitter”. They started out by asking themselves, is Twitter redeemable? Is there something for the church and for Jesus followers to learn by looking at this hot social networking site?

After much research and discussion, they concluded, yes there is! Now, two weeks into the series, it is getting national attention. Click here to see the news report video of the story.

It has run in many television markets and is garnering attention in the blogosphere. The Chicago Tribune ran the story, one of many outlets nationwide; the Dallas News blog did a follow up; and here is one of many blog entries surfacing on the series.

To learn more about the details of the sermon series, click here.

As Len told the news crew in a sound bite that was left on the cutting room floor, "If people walk out of church and just think of Twitter, then we failed. But if they sit in front of their computers, log on, and start to think about what it means to be the Church, then we did our job."

Speaking of Social Networks...

Consider following Midnight Oil! We're now twittering @midnightoilprod and we've got an RSS feed for our blog page here.

Monthly Media Freebie

Is your church honoring its graduates this weekend? Many churches across the country are planning on giving special recognition to their graduating high school and college seniors in worship. Give your graduate recognition visual honors with our brand new, exclusive Graduation Loop. Best of all, it's free!

This month's freebie is the Graduation Loop, which is a free loop that is not part of any Midnight Oil media collection. This is the full version, and is ready for personal or public use.

The Monthly Media Freebie

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