SongShowPlus New Edition: WITH FREEBIES

SongShowPlusThe latest edition of SongShowPlus has just been released from beta testing. This means the longest running presentation program on the market has even more features. This edition of SongShowPlus (SSP) has a special emphasis on enhanced importing, including copy/paste from Explorer and direct import into SSP Programs and Slide Shows from a USB drive or ZIP file, and more. This is an extremely detailed and feature rich application with a features list a mile long.

Like with all software available at Midnight Oil, including EasyWorship, MediaShout and ProPresenter, every purchase of the SongShowPlus comes with over $200 of Midnight Oil worship media resources, absolutely free. And the best part is that SongShowPlus offers an unbeatable price for a church's worship presentation needs, at only $329.

SongShowPlus at Midnight Oil: Learn more here.

A New How-To Guide for Graphic Design

Have you ever placed an object into a graphic image and wondered why it looks like it didn't fit? It may be because the image could benefit from some judiciously placed cast shadows. Adding shadow, and by extension light, is one of the primary ways to make your designs more realistic. We've created a step-by-step how-to guide to learn this technique:

Graphic Design: How to Create Realistic Cast Shadows

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The Annual Easter Challenge

Easter. It's a well-known fact that it's one of the annual great opportunities to reach people who normally don't attend worship on a regular basis. Statistics show while attendance goes way up on Easter, the spike is often short-lived and numbers revert soon after the big day is over. Such an opportunity should not be squandered with the "same old, same old."

ButterflyWe've been designing worship for twelve years and every year we face the Easter challenge. For us, it's been always been difficult to find new and fresh ways to creatively and visually present the story. Once you get past all of the standard imagery of empty tombs, crosses, and lilies, where do you go? Is it possible to create powerful worship for Easter that inspires, retains and even transforms the influx of visitors that will walk through our doors on that special Sunday morning?

Read on for a creative approach to telling the Gospel story: The Annual Easter Challenge

New Media for Holy Week

Season of LentHoly Week worship is special in the life of a congregation. Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter are meaningful expressions of faith for many believers every year.

They're also difficult to plan for, on top of everything else that goes on in the life of the church. Make your planning a little easier with Midnight Oil's new Holy Week Media. This collection includes background images and videos for the celebration of Palm Sunday, the richness of Maundy Thursday, the starkness of Good Friday, and the joy of Easter Sunday.

Download the whole collection for $45 now at the Midnight Oil store.

The Monthly Media Freebie

Good FridayGet part of our new Season of Lent resource just in time for Holy Week. This month our Media Freebie is the Good Friday still images set.

Good Friday worship is the starkest service of the year. It is meant to convey the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Historically churches avoid adornments, altar displays and significant musical elements. A simple image of the cross may be all your congregation needs to focus on Jesus' crucifixion.

The Monthly Media Freebie

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