The Best Worship Software Deal on the Internet

Yes, that's an audacious headline. But we're convinced it's true. We've got all the best worship presentation software apps available here at Midnight Oil: EasyWorship, Media Shout, ProPresenter, and SongShowPlus. But what makes Midnight Oil the place to shop for these popular titles?

We've got over $200 worth of free Midnight Oil products bundled with every software purchase! That's right. When you buy your software from us, you'll get an immediate link to download over $200 worth of media - that's over 600MB of great videos and images - absolutely free!

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The New Website

If you haven't been to the Midnight Oil website this month, you're in for a real treat! We've launched a brand new website. It's our best one ever - re-built from the ground up with bigger images, newer design, better previewing and shopping, more information, the ability to comment and participate "web 2.0" style, and much much more.

One of the things we're most excited about is the Midnight Oil blog - not just any old church media blog, this will be the space where we will consistently post about some of the topics that most interest us, from design and production issues to the theology and application of media, image and creative in worship. If you have an interest in the big picture of the world of worship media, and especially if you've ever been to a Midnight Oil seminar, you'll want to subscribe to our blog.

In the coming weeks in this space and on our blog, we'll highlight some of the new things you can do after registering on our site. Come on by and make yourself at home!

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For example, check out Jason's post about the most recent copyright dust-up, here:

Copyright: How Much is Enough?

The Weekly Specials

To celebrate the new site, we're launching a brand new feature - the weekly specials! Every Monday, we're going to put a few of our items on sale for one weekly only, at steep discounts. This is where you can find great deals on quality materials relevant to your current needs. Check this week's specials out here:

The Weekly Specials!

The Spring Speaking Schedule

Our spring speaking schedule has been finalized. We're not going to be home much! Check out the full itinerary through May here:

Also, if you want to get to Edmond OK or Boston MA, register now! Early bird specials are set to expire soon.

The Monthly Media Freebie

Never fear - the new website isn't going to mess with one of our most popular features - the monthly media freebie. This month's freebie is the Wave Theme Intro Video, which is one of ten videos on our Flame Volume 3 collection. This free video, which captures the joy of the ocean, is the full version as contained on the disc, and is ready for personal or public use. Capture the imagination of your cabin-fevered congregation and invite them to catch the wave of excitement at your church.

The Monthly Media Freebie

Until next month,

The MO Guys