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New Year = New Tools
2008 Sampler Disc

Christmas Loops 2Get a wide variety of usable media from the Midnight Oil library for one low price with our 2008 Sampler Disc.

This annual, limited time only product contains 5 videos, 7 sets of graphics and a print resource that span our entire catalog. For only $25, it's a great way to get your Midnight Oil collection started. Preview what's included here:

2008 Midnight Oil Sampler Disc

Save even more with our sampler discs from 2005-2007. Normally $25 apiece, buy all 4 for only $50 here:

Sampler Disc 4-pack (05-08)


ProPresenter3 If you're a Mac user like us, you know it's been a struggle to present media in worship. Most of us have been stuck using PowerPoint, Keynote, or some other less than ideal solution.

Boy, have we got some good news for you. ProPresenter3 is everything you've always wanted. Built from the ground up on a Mac, for a Mac, it does all the stuff a good worship program should do, such as smoothly transition between videos and still images, pull up lyrics and scripture on the fly, play DVD clips, manage a lot of media easily, and much more. Best of all, like any good Mac app, it's just easy and it works.

We're so excited, we've converted all of our seminar speaking files from PowerPoint, which we've used since the dawn of time, to ProPresenter3.

We even talked to the nice folks at Renewed Vision, LLC, the geniuses who made this program, and convinced them to let us sell it on our website, so you can experience the joys of Macintosh ownership in worship, too.

Check it out here:

ProPresenter 3 for Macintosh

If you're a Windows user then you might consider Media Shout's new version 3.5, with tons of new features. (Existing version 3 users, you get the upgrade for free.)

Monthly Media Freebie

A new year is not only an opportunity for new tools, but a great time to look ahead. Set direction for your congregation with our Road metaphor. This still image set is January's freebie. The title theme is "The Road Ahead" but you can call it whatever you want with our editable, layered Photoshop file.

Download our Road Still Images Set here

While you're at it, make sure to check out the entire volume of spark volume 2.