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Complete Your Library Sale, Countdown Creator, and Much More
Complete Your Library Sale
Make Your Own Countdowns
New Seminar Dates
Monthly Media Freebie
Middle C Tutorial Contest Winners
Countdown Creator
Complete Your Library Sale
Complete Your Library Sale

Have some of the Midnight Oil library and want to add to or complete your collection? Here's a simple way to get the wonderful discount of the entire library without having to buy the entire library!

The more volumes, the greater the discount, up to 40% off.

# of Volumes Discount
2-3 25%
4-5 30%
6-7 35%
8-9 40%
Say you have a volume 3 of spark, our collection of still graphics for worship. You can now grab the matching motion backgrounds and theme intro videos at big discounts. Or get all four volumes of loops.

Complete Your Library Sale

Or, if you want to get the big enchilada, grab all 12 volumes at once as the entire library here.

Create Your Own Countdowns!

Countdown CreatorMidnight Oil is proud to introduce The Countdown Creator. Make your own, customized countdown videos in just seconds with this nifty and easy to use little program. Countdown Creator gives you freedom to make customized video countdowns using your own video, picture, and music files. The possibilities are endless. Learn more here!

Can you say quick and easy? Well, we just did. Countdown Creator works with any standard definition video (720 x 480). Easily (there's that word again) control the clock placement, time, font, size, rotation, fade, and shadow. Export, and you're done. Use it in PowerPoint, MediaShout, EZ Worship or any other presentation software that supports video playback.

Countdown Creator is only $34.95. It's compatible with Windows XP and Vista. The instant downloadable file contains the Countdown Creator software, a How-to Instructional Booklet, and a bonus loopable background.

New Seminars Scheduled
2-day conference
Fall means seminar season! We're excited to get back on the road and see firsthand the creative work you are doing in ministry. We've already wrapped out first three events of the season, including the kick-off of our brand new, hand's-on media seminar, Design Matters. Early reviews are positive, including:
  • "It's very well-organized. Lots of resources identified. It's clear that the leaders own the material, as they present it so clearly." -- Dave Poole, First UMC Palatine IL
  • "I like the practical nuts and bolts and balance of ministry and graphic design topics." -- Brian William, Burlington UMC, Burlington WI
  • "I learned a lot about texture and design, and more about the features within Adobe Elements." -- Stephanie Sholtz, Milton Seventh-Day Baptist Church, Milton WI
  • "Awesome tutorials!" -- Lee Ann Sydlund, Christ Church, Lake Forest IL
  • "The best thing was the energy and passion of the presenters about making the worship experience better." -- Latoya Thorn, Broadway UMC, Chicago IL
  • "Interesting, well paced, very informative and inspiring." -- Susan Powell, Crete UMC, Crete IL
  • "It was entertaining and educational at the same time." -- Sheridan Saunders, Humble, TX
  • "I felt a peace and sense of the Holy Spirit as I experienced team process again." -- Edwin Gorts, Hansfeld, TX
  • We've got many more dates lined up fo the fall, and a series of new dates to announce for spring 2008. Check out the updated list:
    Monthly Media Freebie

    channel surfing A lot of people are turning on the tube again with the launch of the television season this week. Capture your congregation's attention with our channel surfing countdown. As many attest, living in a consumer culture gives us a "channel surf" mentality. This can be a bad thing! Use this theme to set up your next worship service on distractions, temptations, pluralism and much more.

    Download our Channel Surfing Countdown here

    If you like countdowns, check out our whole volume of countdowns here. If you want to make your own, then make your own with our new countdown creator.

    Middle C Tutorial Contest Winners
    Middle C Tutorial Winner Sometimes you just have to sing the blues... although we were thrilled to see the entries for our latest contest, the Middle C Tutorial.

    This was one of the hardest contests we've had to judge so far. Everyone executed the step-by-step instructions so well, that we had to look to the additional creative twists contestants put on their final images to choose a winner.

    After long deliberations, we have chosen Bethany Swickrath of Shawnee Alliance Church as our winner. Her reversal of color scheme and matching creative theme put her over the top.

    Congrats Bethany, you win a media ministry hat for your hard work.

    For a complete gallery of contest entries, follow the jump. Keep your eyes open for more tutorials and contests from Midnight Oil.