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Fall Midnight Oil Seminar Schedule Updated

We've updated our fall schedule! This is most likely our final listing of dates for the rest of 2007. Notice the new event in Chicago coming up, or one of the locations close to you. Click a city name to learn more:

Preview our Seminar Now

For the first time, we're offering a portion of our all-day seminar on worship and media for free preview! This 30 minute segment comes from our Virtual Seminar disc, which is a live recording of our Digital Storytellers seminar captured to computer for you to enjoy with your colleagues in your own setting.

Download this 30 minute seminar preview through our store and get a taste of what the whole day will bring:

Virtual Seminar Excerpt

New Product Release... Series Builders: Traditions

Series Builders Traditions Midnight Oil is proud to introduce Series Builders: Traditions. Inspired, biblical images that visualize the Christian faith transcend time and space. Practically all believers, and many non-believers, know these ten core visual metaphors. They are basic images for every worshipping church.

Traditions is the first of a new series of resources. Each volume of the new Series Builders collection contains 10 thematically related sets of videos and still images for worship design and planning. Each of the 10 visual themes in a volume contain a variety of media such as editable still image sets, introductory videos, looping motion backgrounds, and/or countdowns.

Preview Series Builders: Traditions

Each collection is only $49.95, offering more value than you'll see about anywhere. Build your next series today.

The Monthly Media Freebie for July
Jesus used the simple fishing boat over and over again as a powerful metaphor. For example, the disciples' response to the initial call of Jesus is one of obedience, a move from skepticism to following. This dramatic calling to discipleship required them to leave their entire known world behind. (Luke 5:1-11) Introduce your congregation to the call of discipleship this fall with our fishing boat graphics.

Fishing Boat Stills

Also, don't forget to upgrade with the matching loop or countdown video here. Or take your congregation fishing with the entire set:

Series Builders: Traditions