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Worship Presentation Softare - Which One Suits You Best?
Fireworks Media for July 4th
Presentation Software Review
Monthly Media Freebie
Fall Speaking Schedule
Celebrate Independence Day with our Fireworks Media
Celebrate freedom with this festive explosion of light and sound! Our worship media set works great for the Fourth of July, independence and patriotic themes. It works just as well when you're talking about freedom in Christ.

New since last year is the matching loop, which joins the already popular still images set and intro video. Buy individual pieces or get the entire set as a discount here:

Fireworks Media
New Article: Worship Presentation Softare Review 2007

One of the most common questions we get at our seminars is, "I'm ready to move past PowerPoint. Which worship presentation software should I buy?"

To save you time and trouble, we've created a worship presentation software buyer's guide. In addition to the usual stuff such as features, system info, tech support, pricing, and demos are actual human beings talking about their experiences:

Worship Presentation Softare Review 2007

The Monthly Media Freebie for June
Unless you live in a toaster oven like Texas where our home office is, summer is a time for enjoying the great outdoors. Being surrounded by creation is a great way to connect with the Creator. Many people speak of finding a real intimacy with God while outdoors. It can be, both figuratively and a literally, a mountaintop experience. That's why we've made our new Mountaintop graphic set the monthly media freebie for June 2007:

Mountaintop Stills

Upgrade with the matching loop here and take your congregation to an even higher summit:

Loops Volume 4

Fall Midnight Oil Seminar Schedule: Including the New Design Matters

People have been talking about our new seminar a lot lately. Here are just a few of the things they've been saying:

Your adamant refusal to provide a boiler-plate solution forces reflection on your concepts. Thank you. This should be mandatory with purchase of projection system.

-Marc Anciaux, Church of the Good Shepherd

This will, without a doubt, transition our service to its next level of sophistication and effectiveness.

- Kris Long, River of Life

Willow, Youth Specialties - I've been to all of them, and this is the best seminar out there.

- Scott Stearman, Denver First Church

Although your passion for clear, effective and inspired use of media is evident, your passion for God's message to be delivered for the transformation of those in attendance is even more obvious.

- Dan Glenn, First Church of the Nazarene

Check us out in the next few months at one of these places: