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Have a Slice of Midnight Oil Cake
After Easter Sale - 50% Off
The Monthly Media Freebie
The Visual Style of Emergent
Happy Birthday To Us
After Easter Sale - 50% Off Midnight Oil Volumes
It's back! Our yearly half off Easter inventory reduction sale has returned. Take advantage and save. Now through April 18, get 50% off of any Midnight Oil volume of Easter media, only in the Midnight Oil store:

After Easter Sale

The New Monthly Media Freebie
Springtime means a lot of guys, and a few women too, are heading to the backyard to fire up the grill. Get your congregation's tastebuds fired up with our scrumptious Grill Countdown. This three minute video prelude is a gret way to start worship. You can get it as our monthly media freebie here:

The monthly media freebie

Grill Countdown is one of 7 countdowns on our library resource, Countdowns Volume 1. Each of the countdowns is ideal for worship, youth, or any gathering where a little levity is in order. With our new whole volume download feature, you can select to have a disc shipped to you, download the whole volume, or both, for the same price. Learn more here:

Countdowns Volume 1
New Article: The Visual Style of Emergent

In our latest article, we look at some of what's next in worship imagery, which for a lot of people means a certain visual style associated with the "emergent" movement. Read more here:

The Emergent Movement and Visual Styles in Worship

Happy 5th Birthday to Midnight Oil

CakeWant to wish us happy birthday? On April 15, we turn 5!

Our company anniversary is always a time for celebrating God's faithfulness. It isn't always a, um, cakewalk, but we're as excited to serve you in ministry today as the day we started 5 years ago.

One of our gifts on this milestone day is the joy of seeing visual and digital communication become mainstream in worship and church life. More and more churches are not only using screens in worship, but they're discovering the power of visual imagery in creating experiences of God. For that, we say, woohoo!

So have a slice of cake with us and let's celebrate what God is doing.