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A New Volume of Worship Media, A New Article, and More
Easter Loops
The New Monthly Media Freebie
Worship Teams: Brainstorming
Additional Seminar Dates
An Easter Photoshop Tutorial
Easter Loops
Do something fresh in worship this Easter with our new volume of videos and matching graphics, Easter Loops. These subtle looping background videos capture a variety of timeless and trendy visual styles and are the perfect backdrop to songs, sermons, prayer, communion, and more.

The entire volume of Easter Loops is on sale for $50 at the Midnight Oil store through Feb 24. Or, download each video and/or still set individually for immediate use through Midnight Oil's Downloadables section online.

Each of the 10 videos comes with matching, customizable still images. Insert your own theme line, edit for sermon notes, and more. Easily whip up a seamless, connected collection of media for worship and present using any presentation software.

Easter Loops joins a growing collection of popular Easter titles. Be sure to check out the entire Easter collection online here.
The New Monthly Media Freebie
Easter is just around the corner and it's time to stock up on media to help capture the story of Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Our Hammer and Nails graphics set is a somber reminder of the pain that Jesus endured on our behalf.

Download this graphic set (including a layered Adobe Photoshop file) at absolutely no cost here:

The monthly media freebie

For a more complete visual experience, check out the matching loop here:

The matching hammer and nails loop

Or get all of our brand new Easter Loops here.

Easter Loops
Worship Design Teams That Work #3: Brainstorming

The third in our current series Worship Design Teams That Work is online. This one is about the most critical, and funnest, part of the team experience. Where do great ideas come from? The answer is quite simple- brainstorming. Whether working alone, or with a group of other creative teammates, great ideas often start with brainstorms. But, loose as the process is, there are some techniques to apply to make sure your team brainstorms well and with a purpose. Learn more:

Brainstorming: The Power of the Worship Design Team

A Few Reasons to go to a Midnight Oil Seminar

We've revamped our workshop and here's what people are saying about it:

Your adamant refusal to provide a boiler-plate solution forces reflection on your concepts. Thank you. This should be mandatory with purchase of projection system.

-Marc Anciaux, Church of the Good Shepherd

This will, without a doubt, transition our service to its next level of sophistication and effectiveness.

- Kris Long, River of Life

Willow, Youth Specialties - I've been to all of them, and this is the best seminar out there.

- Scott Stearman, Denver First Church

Although your passion for clear, effective and inspired use of media is evident, your passion for God's message to be delivered for the transformation of those in attendance is even more obvious.

- Dan Glenn, First Church of the Nazarene

Check us out coming soon to a city near you, or book one yourself here:

Mar 24 -- New Hampshire
Apr 19 -- Denver
Apr 27-28 -- Baltimore

An Easter Tomb Tutorial

Do it yourself this Easter with our popular Build Your Own Tomb Graphic. This free tutorial, the first in a series, includes a complete step-by-step guide and all the original source material for you to create your very own tomb image.

The Tomb Tutorial, as we call it, has been so popular that we included it along with a bunch more, in our Do It Yourself worship graphic handbook, Design Matters. Make better graphics for worship this weekend with this handy guide.