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#1 Bestseller: Countdown Creator
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Christmas Sale
Our annual Christmas Sale continues through October 31. All of our volumes are $15 to help your planning. This includes Christmas Loops for only $45 and all of our popular full-featured volumes, Follow the Star, Rediscover Christmas, Personal Connection and Humble Beginnings, for only $60.

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Also, be on the lookout for a brand new Midnight Oil Christmas resource coming soon!

New Article: Communicating Visually

Communicating Visually

We (the MO Guys) have recently been appointed adjunct professors in the Master of Arts Program in Missional Leadership at Northwest Nazarene University in Boise, Idaho. This innovative online program seeks to equip leaders to effectively do ministry in our twenty-first century by taking ministry outside the walls of the church.

The first course for us is titled “Communicating Visually”. It runs eight weeks beginning Monday October 22. Each week of the course has a topical emphasis. As a service to the larger community of those seeking continuing education and the ability to do effective ministry in this time, and as a glimpse into what the students are learning, we are publishing the course’s weekly online lecture on our website.

Here's the week one overview:

Communicating Visually 1: Introduction

Countdown Creator New #1 Bestseller

We're excited to see how popular The Countdown Creator has become. This simple video editor, created by Nevan Hooker of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY, has shot up our bestseller list since its Midnight Oil debut last month.

The idea is simple: Why pay $10-15 for a video countdown every week when you can pay $34.95 and make your own? If you do a countdown every week before worship, it pays for itself in less than a month.

Countdown CreatorIt's a cool program, too. Countdown Creator works with any standard definition video (720 x 480). Easily control the clock placement, time, font, size, rotation, fade, and shadow. Export, and you're done. Use it in PowerPoint, MediaShout, EZ Worship or any other presentation software that supports video playback.

Countdown Creator is only $34.95. It's compatible with Windows XP and Vista. The instant downloadable file contains the Countdown Creator software, a How-to Instructional Booklet, and a bonus loopable background.

Monthly Media Freebie

There's an inverse relationship between the amount of sunlight and warmth we get and the amount of coffee we drink. In other words, it's cold, so let's java.

Don't just serve a pot this weekend at church, though. Grab your congregation's attention by equating the coffee drinking experience with life as a follower of Jesus. The possibilities are endless - warmth in the cold, filtering the good from the bad, you name it. Coffee is the stuff. So grab our brand new and free coffee graphics and unlock your inner barista.

Download our Coffee graphics here

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