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Multiply Your Media with Midnight Oil Plus
Multiply your media. Subtract your ministry expense.

If you do the math of ministry, the "cost of doing business" in our digital culture can get pretty expensive:

52 weeks x new resources every week x years of ministry = Wow, you don't even wanna know.

We know because we serve in local churches, too, and worship adds up. Fast. So we want to help. Our new Midnight Oil Plus membership provides many ways to subtract from the bottom line a bit:

  1. Free annual Monthly Media Freebie CD ($25 value)
  2. 10% discounts on all media purchased through our store
  3. Exclusive sales and offers by email
  4. $20 discounts on all seminar registrations
  5. $20 off all EasyWorship and MediaShout products
  6. Monthly live online consultations with Jason and Len
  7. Additional media options included in the Monthly Media Freebie
  8. And your very own numerically sequenced membership card!
    (Numbers used in future Midnight Oil drawings and activities)

As the Plus community grows, we'll create additional benefits as well.

The cost of the membership is only $29. The bottom line is, the new Midnight Oil Plus Membership just adds up. Learn more here.
The Latest in Worship Presentation Software

How do you present your graphics and video in worship? Many churches still struggle with software not designed for live worship, such as PowerPoint or even Windows Media Player. If you’re ready for a better solution, let us introduce you to a number of really cool alternatives.

There’s a plethora of companies that have developed specific worship presentation software, each with their own story and unique features. We have combined the most common into a single compilation of the latest in worship software, and are offering some of them for purchase through our online store here.

And don't bother asking us which one to get—we'd prefer you make up your own mind. Happy clicking!

Monthly Media Freebie

In many churches, the beginning of the fall season is the perfect time to invite the congregation to go through basic training in education and discipleship. If your church is starting a new class on what it means to be a Christian, the details of joining the church, or how to get plugged into ministry, use our free Boot Camp image set.

This set of graphics, which is also located on spark volume 2, contains a number of versions, as well as the layered file for editing and customization. It is also our Monthly Media Freebie for August, 2006. Download it here, and don't forget to check out the 2-page creative guide for additional tips on integrating the Boot Camp metaphor to your class.

Pimp My Graphic

Some people are calling this the DIY Decade. Do-It-Yourself fever is everywhere, in car customization shows like "Pimp My Ride" and "Overhaulin'", with user-generated websites such as Flickr and MySpace, and even in custom edits on YouTube. (Did you know that MySpace is the most visited site online now?) Check out this guy's mod of a VW Beetle.

Some call it the "mash-up." Whatever name history gives it, the age of the one-off is here.

Midnight Oil has been ready for this trend for years. Each one of our still image sets comes with its own layered file. Open it in Photoshop (or the free GIMP app) and convert our image into something that fits your DIY sensibility. For example, with our layered files, you can turn our trashman image into something completely different, as you can see below. Or if you're into "pimp my video" instead, use our wordless video and included audio file to re-render your own title. Or, if you're not a DIY type, we'll change the title for you for $25. Shoot us an email here with your request.

So next time don't be content with someone else's title, color choice or even layout. Take the next step in your use of media in worship and "pimp your graphic" with Midnight Oil media.

Midnight Oil Media is Now Downloadable

We know how important it is to be able to find the right worship media easily. Even more, we know that it’s gotta be fast. (As they say: In the church world, it needs to be good, fast, AND cheap.)

So, we’ve put our entire Midnight Oil library of worship media online for immediate purchase and download. Our store currently has 94 unique themes, each with a variety of combinations including still images, introductory theme videos, countdowns and loops. Now you can checkout and download exactly what you need, instantly, without having to buy a whole volume at a time.

(And watch closely – as the upcoming spark and flame volume 4 nears completion, we’ll be putting a lot more new media online soon!)

Picks of the Month

This new feature, exclusive to our enewsletter subscribers, will highlight some media selections from our downloadable store that are apropos to the season. Each month look for 3 themes that may fit well with current activities in the life of your congregation. This month, head back to school, honor the fifth anniversary of 9/11, and check out our most popular media:

Worship Design Teams That Work: Team Size

This month we’re also debuting the first of a new series of articles. Regulars to our site know that our last series of articles eventually morphed into this book. So we’re excited to start a new series on a topic that eventually impacts most everyone who does the work of worship: designing worship in a team. While designing worship in a group is no longer a new concept in many circles, figuring out how to make those groups work is a greater challenge. Our goal is to look at some specific principles that will help worship teams function at a high, sustained level.

Have you caught the outlandish competitive cooking show Iron Chef? These intense culinary contests pit two top chefs against each other, each making a tasty dish from the same set of ingredients. In the competition, neither of the chefs works alone. Each has at his or her disposal a team of trusted assistants who must work together to create winning recipes. On the show, teamwork is essential.

On the other hand, maybe you’ve heard the old phrase, “Too many cooks in the kitchen.” It’s a way of saying that too many people making decisions at once will bog down the process and inhibit both creativity and productivity, making the experience miserable for everyone.

There are a lot of parallels between preparing food and worship. Too many chefs, and nothing gets done; not enough, and a lot of good opportunities are missed. This article looks at the question, what is an ideal number of people for a worship design team?

Creative Worship Seminar - Fall 2006 Locations

With many returning from vacations, mission trips and retreats, now is the time to implement those new ideas. Add some new life to your worship this fall by attending our seminar on creative, experiential worship. This seminar could have serious implications for the way you develop worship. If you want evidence, just listen in on our forum.

Here is our fall schedule:

The cost is $109 for an individual, $89 for 2+ from the same church, or $69 per person for groups of 5+ from the same church.

If we're not coming to a city near you, check out our Virtual Seminar.

For more info or to register click here.