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Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer
Even More Insane Library Sale
Loops Volume 1 Shipping
Monthly Media Freebie
Absolutely Final Seminar Schedule
Ask the MO Guys
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Even More Insane Library Sale

We’re bringing back our biggest sale of the year and this time we’re going even crazier!

Okay, that sounded like a sales pitch for mattresses. But we really are nuts about this. For one week last February we offered our six-disc library of spark and flame media for $149 (down from the regular price of $220). Judging from the response, that was a popular decision.

So, now that we have countdowns and loops in the mix, we decided to go insane again. Now through Tuesday, Jul 18th, you can get all 8 discs of our worship media library for only $175! That includes 90 sets of graphics, 30 sets of theme intro videos, our first set of countdown videos, and our ten new loops.

If took advantage of our February library sale, a) thanks, and 2) email us here and we'll send you a coupon to get $20 off loops volume 1.

We usually only offer this price at seminars in a fit of lunacy so grab it before we recover our sanity!!! (Okay, sorry. Turning into the mattress salesman again.)

Loops Volume 1 is Shipping!

If you design worship, you know that sometimes it is a challenge to continually come up with something creative and original—especially during the hot summer days when the only things rising are the thermometer and the number of empty seats in worship.

Enter loops volume 1, our newest resource for worship and beyond. Use these beautiful motion backgrounds in a variety of settings: as preludes and pre-worship videos to set the scene, as backdrops for song lyrics, as reflections during communion and prayer, and more.

Buy the volume on CD-ROM for $45 or as individual downloads. Videos include:

Aviation DNA
Body Mind Spirit Grill
Channel Surfing Harvest
Communion Satellite Dishes
Desert X Ray

Monthly Media Freebie

Next time you step out into the summer heat, reflect on our home star, the sun, powerful enough to give life to lush landscapes yet also capable of searing the Earth, leaving parched deserts. The Bible uses the desert, sometimes called the wilderness, as a powerful metaphor for our temptations and struggles.

What better time than in the heat of summer to connect to this metaphor in worship. Download our newest monthly media freebie, the Desert Loop video from our new Loops volume 1, and set a powerful tone in worship from the prelude to the send out.

Also, get the matching graphics to this month’s Desert Loop video in our new downloadable media store for only $10.00 here. Using moving video and still imagery with the same visual theme will bring a cohesion to your worship experience that will help make it memorable!

Re-Charge Your Worship Team

Since so many churches in the Midnight Oil community want to host our one-day creative worship seminar, we keep having to adjust our calendars! But we promise, this is it for 2006. We can only do 10 dates in 75 days this fall. Otherwise the name Midnight Oil may start referring to a morgue.

Anyway, check out our upcoming schedule:

The cost is $109 for an individual, $89 for 2+ from the same church, or $69 per person for groups of 5+ from the same church.

If we're not coming to a city near you, check out our Virtual Seminar.

For more info or to register click here.
Ask the MO Guys (Did You Know Edition)
Our mailbox has been stuffed lately with great questions. Many of them have a “Did You Know” quality to them:

Did you know the details to making a timelapse video? Kim Schweder from SoCal wonders how we did our Home Construction time lapse video. Never fear, Kim, we’ve laid it all out for you here. And keep preaching metaphor in worship. Someday the light will turn on.

Did you know you can customize the title on our flame videos? Rena Cooke, also a Californian, liked our Fireworks video, not for the 4th of July but for an upcoming church awards celebration, and wonders if it’s possible to change the title of the video. Yes, by one of two ways: DIY (that’s Do-It-Yourself) with your own video editing program or the After Effects and audio files we included with the video. Or call us, and we’ll customize it for you for an additional $25. Just email us here if you need us to do a custom title for you.

Are you a forum troller? If not, skip to the next paragraph. But if you are, Did you know you can add cool userbars to your forum signature? Carol Samuelson from Goodrich, MI, wants to know how to do it. Carol, check out the answer here.

Did you know you can download Midnight Oil themes directly from our website now? A whole host of folks have been asking for our themes as individual downloads, so we’re making it happen. We’ve got some downloadable media here, and more to come throughout the summer. And, if there’s one you really want that is not available yet, let us know and we’ll add it to the store ASAP!

Did you know the secrets to preparing finished videos so they look great onscreen in worship? Frank Rondon from Lowell, MA, a recent seminar attendee, is making his own videos now and writes, “How come when I resize your Flame videos in PowerPoint the quality remains just as good, but when I resize my home made videos the quality is so poor?”

Frank, the key to your question is to use a separate program for compression. Any video production has various stages - pre-production (planning), production (shooting), post-production (editing), and distribution (compressing for presentation or web, or dumping to DVD or tape). Most churches just shoot and edit, and skip pre and distribution, or just try to use the editing program for the distribution step. While this is sometimes adequate, if you want to do it right, you need a separate application for the final step. We use AutoDesk Discreet Cleaner and have tweaked the MPEG1 settings over a long period of time to get them exactly where we want them. Warning - it costs about $450. But it's worth it!

Thanks everyone for writing and for your interest in our ministry. If you have a question of comment for us, we’d love to hear from you.
Forum Referral Contest
Everyone loves a good contest, right? Well we’ve got one for you... Announcing the “Refer a Friend to the Metaphorum Contest”!

Maybe you have seen a mention or two about our new Midnight Oil Metaphorum. Maybe you’ve even stopped by to check it out. We have several dedicated users who post almost daily, and others who pop in from time to time to offer some creative questions and/or insight. We’re very excited by the early momentum we’ve going with the Metaphorum, but we’d still like to grow. More people means more discussion, answers, and affirmations, and who doesn’t need that?

This month, we’re making a concerted effort to invite new folks to the forum. The top two referrers will win fabulous prizes. Namely our top referrer will win a Loops Volume 1, and the runner up will win a $20 gift certificate to our resource store.

Here’s what to do:
  1. Invite a friend via email.
  2. Have them post an introduction in this thread.
  3. Tell them include the following line in their post: I was referred to the Metaphorum by (referrer’s username).
That’s it! We’ll keep track of who referred the most people and at the end of the month, we’ll announce the winners!

And if you’re not a regular user, come by and say hi or start a thread. You’re welcome to refer others too no matter how active you are on the forum.

Good luck!