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Announcing Loops Vol 1
Monthly Media Freebie
Announcing Downloadable Media
Re-charge Your Worship Team
Countdowns Vol 1 Now Shipping
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MetaPhorum Hits 200
Announcing Loops Volume 1

The wheels keep churning here at Midnight Oil! Last month we announced our newest resource, countdowns. This month we’re taking it a step further with another set of videos to enrich your worship experience: loops volume 1.

We’ve taken 10 of the most popular themes from our library and created motion backgrounds. These beautiful looping background videos are the perfect backdrop to song lyrics or complement to featured music, communion, and a multitude of other worship elements.

Preview clips here.

Right now, save a buck or two: The whole volume will cost $45 when it ships in early July, but for a limited time, you can pre-order the disc for $40 here. And be on the look out for individual downloads in our store soon, too.

Monthly Media Freebie

We know a lot of churches that use summertime as an opportunity to promote new and upcoming events. This year, don’t just produce a bunch of information—blow your congregation away with excitement for fall events! Our Windsurfing metaphor, which we call Blown Away but you customize to whatever you want, is a great metaphor for helping people get involved.

Download our Monthly Media Freebie here. All that we ask is a one-time, free registration to our site so we can track which ones are most popular.

And for something new... now you can upgrade and get the matching video to this month’s Windsurfing image set in our new downloadable media store for $15.00.

Announcing Downloadable Media in Midnight Oil Store

Our new seasonal downloads section allows you to access our most relevant graphics and videos made especially for this time of year. When you purchase one of our summer-y themes, you will receive a link to immediately download it to your hard drive--no waiting for a disc in the mail!

The cool Midnight Oil twist is that you can mix and match media with the same theme to get your own customized worship experience. For example, with July 4th coming up, now is the perfect time to use Grill Media: download the matching stills and theme, countdown, and loop videos. Greater discounts go with more combos.

Like Downloadable Media? So far we have only put up a small portion of our library online. If the downloads feature is a good thing for you, let us know! The more positive feedback we hear, the more likely we are to put the whole enchilada online.

Re-Charge Your Worship Team

Summer is often a time for transition. Maybe you’re getting settled into a new place with new ministry colleagues or maybe your team is running on fumes from a busy year and needing a boost.

In either case, our one-day creative worship seminar is a great way to re-charge, or maybe do a first time charge on, your team. Bring the whole group along to get fully recharged. Powered teams design incredible worship experiences!

Check out our upcoming dates:

The cost is $109 for an individual, $89 for 2+ from the same church, or $69 per person for groups of 5+ from the same church.

If we're not coming to a city near you, check out our Virtual Seminar.

For more info or to register click here.
Countdowns Volume 1 Now Shipping

If you’ve pre-ordered our new volume of countdowns, we're excited to announce... it's done! They begin shipping this week as our copies come in. Be on the lookout—you should have your copy soon.

If you haven’t seen this new resource yet, you may be wondering, what is a countdown? It’s a video with a timer built in that starts from a set time, such as three minutes, and counts down to zero. It’s good for a variety of uses and works well as a prelude, or lead-in, to the beginning of worship. You can preview them here.

The entire volume of 7 full screen, drag-and-drop MPEG-1 clips is $45.00. These all-new videos complement the same themes in spark, flame and loops volume 1.  The countdown videos are:


Channel Surfing
Cliff Notes
Hamster Wheel
Satellite Dishes

New Article: 18 Ways to Use Media in Worship

Far too many churches use a very limited palette when it comes to media in worship. Rather than creating a visually rich experience with many types of media, they only use one or two types as an ongoing practice.

Let’s expand the palette some. We’ve compiled a list of media types and uses that will hopefully help you paint a more inspiring picture in worship. Our newest article, Expanding the Palette: 18 Ways to Use Media in Worship, looks at the wide variety of media available for worship designers. Maybe you’ll get inspired to do something new!

Midnight Oil's Forum Hits 200

The Midnight Oil Metaphorum is beginning to hustle and bustle with activity. Our 200th member just signed on and the posts are coming frequently now.

If you’re new to our online forum, we invite you to join. The MetaPhorum is a place to come and discuss creativity in worship. It is yours; use it to tap the minds of other creative folks about metaphor in worship, discuss ideas from our seminars and books and your own experience, learn about worship team dynamics, get your pastor to plan ahead, master Photoshop, and much more.

Here are some current topics. Registration is free so join the discussion today:

How Do You Re-Charge?
Sermon Series: Games People Play
Your Best Metaphor Ever