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Design Matters Book/DVD Released
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The Metaphorum is Online
More Fall Seminar Dates Scheduled
What's With The Obscure Imagery?
Announcing Countdowns Volume 1

3 ... 2 ... 1 ... Ok, go. The clock is running ....

What is a countdown, you say?

Glad you asked. It’s a video with a timer built in that starts from three minutes and counts down to zero. Of course there's a creative or inspirational twist with each one. Countdowns are designed for a variety of ministry purposes from worship to special events and work especially well as a prelude, or lead-in, to the beginning of worship.

countdowns volume 1 contains seven new videos that complement the themes established by spark and flame volume 1.  They are:

Channel Surfing
Cliff Notes
Hamster Wheel
Satellite Dishes

See this new volume of worship media from Midnight Oil here. We're still putting the finishing touches on a few, so check back for more previews in a few days.

Countdowns Volume 1 ships the first week of June on CDROM. Pre-order now for $40.00 and receive $5 off the regular price. And for those of you who took advantage of our Insane Library Sale, your copies will be in your hands too.

Time’s up!

New Media Bundles

We've reworked our bundle options to give you more flexibility and more savings when purchasing Midnight Oil media resources. Bundle discounts are no longer restricted to each set of media. Now, you can pick any two volumes of media from our library for $80, and 3 for $115 or any 4 for $150. We've also reduced our library price to $200, a savings of $20, and added a new 7-disc library that includes our countdowns volume 1.

Confused about options? Click here for more info!

Pick Any 2 Bundle ($80)
Pick Any 3 Bundle ($115)
Pick Any 4 Bundle ($150)

Design Matters: Creating Powerful Imagery for Worship

How can you communicate effectively in today’s image-driven culture?  How can you reach a world that is conditioned by television and video games?

We are proud to announce the release of our third book, Design Matters: Creating Powerful Imagery for Worship. Make the shift to thinking and composing images, and not just letters and words, with this hands-on book/DVD resource.

Here's what people are saying:

"Get it. Read it. Use it. Most of all, let it transform the way you reach this generation."
-Phil Cooke, filmmaker

"No one has understood better the power of image in worship than Midnight Oil. Len Wilson and Jason Moore can help you understand it, too. This is a "how to" and a "what for" book that should be in every church leader's tool kit."
-Tom Bandy, author and speaker

"The guys at Midnight Oil Productions have created a book for 'the rest of us' that not only explains how they do what they do, but encourages us to do the same."
-Donn Anderson, pastor

Learn more about Design Matters here. And see the story on our new forum to learn about how you can win a copy!

Also, save $5 when you buy our entire collection of books on media and worship.

Monthly Media Freebie

It seems just about everyone has an opinion on Dan Brown's controversial best seller The DaVinci Code - even those who didn't read it. Some are appalled by its contents, while others see it as harmless fiction.

Last weekend The DaVinci Code movie finally came to the big screen, spawning even more buzz and discussion than before. Many churches are tackling the theories and claims of the book and film with extended sermon series deconstructing its ideas.

With this in mind, we went back to our archives and retitled a clip from our On Purpose Media resource. The videos on this volume were originally designed to work with the popular 40 Days of Purpose campaign, but as demonstrated with this month's offer, are editable just like spark and flame.

Download the newly tilted version as this month's freebie here, which we call Examining the DaVinci Code. Or if you'd like to put your own title on it, along with matching layered photoshop graphics, check out On Purpose media here.

A New Online Resource for Discussing Worship and Media

Have you seen the Midnight Oil Metaphorum yet?

The MetaPhorum is a place to come and discuss creativity in worship. It is yours; use it to tap the minds of other creative folks about metaphor in worship, discuss ideas from our seminars and books and your own experience, learn about worship team dynamics, get your pastor to plan ahead, master Photoshop, and much more.

Here are some current topics. Registration is free so join the discussion today:

And if you post before the end of the month, you'll be registered to win a copy of our brand new book Design Matters. We'll randomly draw from all of the people who have posted a message. Stop by and say "Hi" it just may get you a fabulous prize.
More Fall Seminar Events Announced

The remainder of our 2006 seminar schedule is close to being finalized with several new dates. See the list below for confirmed dates, and watch for a couple more coming!

The cost is $109 for an individual, $89 for 2+ from the same church, or $69 per person for groups of 5+ from the same church.

If we're not coming to a city near you, check out our Virtual Seminar.

For more info or to register click here.

What’s With the “Obscure” Imagery?

From time to time we get the feedback that our resources are more “obscure” than other worship media on the market. We don’t often do literal interpretations of scripture, crosses, doves, nature footage and whatnot. There are quite a few other companies who do that, and do it well. God has given us a different vision for how to use media in worship. Simply put, we believe metaphor is the most powerful way to connect the gospel to individual lives.

We learned this anew about a week ago after receiving a message from a pastor who bought our Let Go Easter resource. It features a girl catching and then letting go of a butterfly. Since it’s a resource without the usual Easter cross and tomb images, it might seem obscure to some. Others, though, have seen how this approach drives the message home in powerful ways.

This is the case for our pastor friend. He shares this story with us:

To: The Midnight Oil Guys
Re: Let Go Easter resource

A couple of weeks after Easter I received a call from one of my church members. The man on the phone and his wife have been in the midst of an intense personal hell. They have had extreme difficulties with their teenage son, so much so that the son is about to become a ward of the state. This distraught dad told me that the previous night he went out to sit by the family pool. He began to reflect on his son, wondering what they had done wrong along the way. As he obsessed over his own failures as a parent, his thoughts were interrupted by a butterfly that landed on the chair next to him. He watched as the butterfly flew up, around the pool, came down and landed on the chair again. The man said the butterfly then paused a second and flew off. And in that moment, he felt God’s presence with him, telling him to let go of the pain of his son and give the situation to God.

One of our goals here at Midnight Oil is to use media to tell stories with everyday metaphors such as a butterfly, and through these metaphors and stories to allow people to experience the truth of God’s transforming grace. We when transform ordinary, everyday moments into supernatural encounters with the presence of the Holy Spirit, people can see beyond their troubles to the hope of the risen Christ.

This is the answer to the “obscure imagery” question. We think imagery based in story and metaphor makes things not more obscure, but more real. From our point of view, the real power of media to tell the story of Jesus Christ in worship is obscured when we merely use the screen to project words.