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New Article Online

Mr. Irrelevant

Spring is a great time for fans of all sports. From the just finished March Madness, to NASCAR racing, to Opening Day of baseball, there’s a lot to catch. Even NFL fans can get in on the action, as the increasingly watched annual NFL draft is held every April. This player lottery makes for great theater as teams gamble, trade and position for the best picks.

The last pick of the draft has its own name—“Mr. Irrelevant.” He’s called that because the selection is often meaningless to the team’s fortunes, as the player often doesn’t make the cut.

comment cardIn the ongoing ministry discussion on relevancy, such a moniker stands out. When we plan worship could we be labeled “Mr. or Ms. Irrelevant”? Some say relevancy is not a good focus for worship. Instead, we should be trying to create a counter-cultural community of Christ followers.

This ongoing tension is both classic and current. We talk about it in out newest article, Being Cultural and Counter-Cultural At The Same Time. We invite you to talk about it, too, as we have begun a new comment feature where you can post your own take on the topic. There's no need to register, just visit the link and post away. Let the conversation begin!

Monthly Media Freebie Video

Freebie thumb 2Non-sports fans enjoy spring, too. The snow has melted, the temperatures are starting to rise, and little things are sprouting from the ground everywhere you look. It's no accident that Easter is in the spring, because what seems dead is turning to life all around us.

We wanted to catch the spirit of the season with our newest monthly media freebie, which we call New Beginnings. In it, a seedling sprouts in the ground and begins to grow, eventually breaking through the surface of the earth and spreading open to the sun. Monthly Media FreebieIt’s a great clip for Easter, new life, growth, and all those great gardening metaphors for faith.

This video clip will be a part of a future volume of flame, but for now the only place you can get it is right here:

Click here to download the free Seedling video.

Last Minute Easter Planner?

Let Go and BTT CasesOkay, maybe you don’t want to admit it, but it’s about time to plan for Easter, isn’t it? Some of us had Easter 2006 worship covered, oh, in 1997, but others of us are just now getting around to it.

We understand your pain, which is why we want to make sure you’ve seen our collection of Easter resources:

Our newest is Let Go, our newest resource that invites people to let go of their old impressions of Jesus and the Church and discover the risen Christ, maybe again, maybe for the first time.

The most popular is Beyond the Tomb, a “Passion of the Christ” style interpretation of the Easter story.

Each of these is $75. Or, get both products for a bundle price of $135.

We also have our venerable Fresh Out of the Box Easter books with matching media on DVD, here and here.

Have a joyous Easter morning.

Opening Day

HatThere are few things more exciting than Opening Day in the life of a baseball fan. Just this week in Cincinnati, Ohio (a stone's throw from one of our Midnight Oil offices) the Reds celebrated Opening Day. From President Bush's opening pitch to the last ball that was caught, the excitement was palable. In Cincy, a city with a storied baseball tradition, Opening Day is an unofficial holiday.

There is something about being part of a team that is indescribable. The thrill of working together; the joy of when things come together for the win. Is there an excitement in your media ministry similar to that of fans and players on Opening Day? There should be!

Open your media ministry season by outfitting your team with one our our Media Ministry hats or shirts. We've heard all kinds of feedback about the "sense of team" they create, and that they make a great recruiting tool.

Media Ministry is a like a sport. Look the part.

Spring Seminar Events
Creative Worship Conference

Make plans this spring to attend our conference on creative worship that we call Digital Storytellers. With over 50 dates in the last 5 years across North America, this material has staying power. Here's a list of dates for the spring:

The cost is $109 for an individual or $89 for 2+ from the same church.

Since we’ve been getting phone calls asking about large groups, as an exclusive to our newsletter subscribers, we're also offering a special rate of $69 per person for groups of 5+ from the same church.

For more info or to register click here. 

Happy Birthday to Midnight Oil
CakeRoll out the cake, and light up the candles... we're 4!

On April 15th, we celebrate the 4 year anniversary of Midnight Oil becoming an official company. It hasn't always been easy, but it's always been interesting! God has been faithful, contiunually putting oil in our lamps.

Back when we got our start, there were only a few companies producing media. Now it seems every other week we hear about someone new. That's something to celebrate as well. The church is embracing new worship forms like never before.

To share in our celebration, get your face real close to the screen, and take a big lick of the digital cake. Now wipe of your monitor and brush your teeth.

Seriously, we couldn't do what we do without you. Thanks for making Midnight Oil happen. Here's to many more years Telling the Story in a New Light!
Graphic Tutorial Contest Winner
Winning GraphicLast month we announced a contest for submissions on our new cross tutorial, the latest in our series of free step-by-step graphic tutorials for Adobe Photoshop / Elements. (If you haven't had a chance to download and do it yourself, you should check it out.)

Now, it’s time to announce our contest winner! We received a number of excellent entries to the contest and it was a difficult decision to select a top entry. As you can see in the gallery, many people submitted excellent, creative stuff. But the winner is Aaron Thomas of Ft Smith, AR. Here's what he had to say:

Award How long have you been creating media?
4 yrs.

What is your position at your church?
Media/Technical Director

What was the most challenging thing about the Cross Tutorial?
Getting the cross to look like the original was challenging. I think I was missing a few steps in the tutorial but hey, that just really pushed me to jump out of the nest and spread my wings a little.

You must have been one of the few who got the tutorial with missing pages! Based on your image, we could have left them out. How long did it take you to complete the image?
30-45 minutes

Since this is an award contest, do you have anyone you'd like to thank?
Thanks to Midnight Oil Productions for these great tutorials. It's very refreshing to have a resource like this to help the volunteer ministries of churches all around the world. God Bless you!

God bless you, Aaron, and keep up the good work. For his winning submission Aaron receives one of our media ministry hats. Congrats!