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New Easter Resource
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Let Go Easter resource
New Easter Resource
Let Go CaseIn what may be the nick of time, we want to introduce our newest Easter resource, Let Go.

This beautiful piece tells a the bittersweet story of a girl holding on to then releasing a butterfly.

When Mary encountered the resurrected Christ on Easter morning, he said, "Don't hold on to me." Confronted with the awe of seeing him alive, she had to let go of what she knew of Jesus in order to experience the risen Lord. And just like many today, believer or not, searching for truth--we must let go of old notions of religion, church and faith, in order to truly see Jesus.

This Easter, invite your congregation to let go of the old and experience a new beginning.

Butterfly artThis full-featured resource comes packed with a variety of media that will powerfully tell the Easter story this year, including multiple versions of the primary video, looping background videos, complete graphics sets with layered files for editing, expanded slideshow images, bulletin images, radio and TV broadcast spots, web banners, and much more.

The complete set is $75 and will be shipped free via US Priority Mail by Mar 21.

Learn more about this exciting new resource here.

If you haven't seen our other, popular Easter resource, make sure to check out Beyond the Tomb. Or, save a little and get both with our Easter bundle for $135 - that's a $15 savings.
Monthly Media Freebie
Can't wait for the whole resource to come out? Grab one of the versions of the Let Go resource for free as our Monthly Media Freebie download.

This free clip is the short version of the video with our title, Let Go. The full resource contains short and long versions, without and without titles, in two different resolutions so you can pick the ideal clip for your playback system. It also contains a looping video of the butterfly in the jar, and much more. Learn more about the full Let Go resource here. In the meantime...

Click here to download the free short version of Let Go with title.
From the Archives
Have you ever taken a few minutes to browse through our collection of articles on media, worship and ministry? Our reading section has articles in categories including how-to, team building, visions and ideas for worship and media, and much more.

For instance, Jason wrote an article a few years back with some tips on creating song lyrics graphics for worship. You'll want to lose the system fonts and do something creative after reading Sing a New Song: Designing Song Lyrics for Worship.
Upcoming Events

With four seminars already wrapped, 2006 is off like gangbusters. We have been honored to meet people with a passion for creative worship from all over the country and share with them some thoughts for improving how they help people experience God. Apparently, the message is sticking a bit. We got this email in from Jill Gardner, who attended our event in Utica, MI:

From: Jill Gardner
To: The Midnight Oil Guys
Subject: Feb Seminar in Utica, MI

Hi Guys,

Wanted to share with you the great success of our first "baby-step" in implementing your techniques that we learned at your seminar 3 weeks ago. I just received the following email from the assistant pastor who had agreed to be our guinea pig.

Greetings everyone,

Thanks for embarking on this journey of better communicating through metaphor and digital medium. I think we are going in the right direction and off to a good start. I’ve had several people express how the sermon helped them as they are endeavoring to stay focused on God’s True North. The neat part was that in telling me, they used the metaphor of the compass/True North in describing their journey.

The praise belongs to you MO Guys for opening our eyes to a new way of experiencing worship. As you can see we went ahead and borrowed your True North metaphor part and parcel. The spark/flame CDs have already paid for themselves as far as I am concerned.

Finally, I know why God has had me suffer through 20 years of creating corporate business presentations. I never thought those skills would translate into something good, but here I am!! Thank you so much.

Thanks Jill, we're excited to hear your story and that our compass image was helpful for your congregation.

As you may have figured out, the Digital Storytellers seminar is about much more than just tech stuff. In fact, it's hardly about tech stuff at all. It's really about people who want to make Gospel connections to their communities through an experience of worship.

Here's a list of upcoming dates:
Graphic Tutorial Contest
Judging by the graphics we've been getting in our inbox, some of you have already discovered the cross tutorial, the latest in our series of free step-by-step graphic tutorials for Adobe Photoshop / Elements. We've already started a gallery of these submissions.

If you haven't had a chance to download and do it yourself, you should check it out. It may be just the thing you need for the Easter season! Hopefully, you'll discover something in the process.

As Marie Haggarty wrote, "When I see how powerful images can be in bringing The Word alive, I just ache to do it more. If I have been given a mandate, or a directive from God, it is, "tell the story, tell My story," and you are helping me (as well as many others!) to do exactly that."

If you do the tutorial, make sure you send us your version, because we've decided to make it a contest. We're going to pick one entry and announce it in next month's newsletter. The winning design will get a free media ministry hat of his or her choice. And don't worry if you've already sent in your image. We'll include it in the judging along with the other submissions!