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New seminars and spring speaking schedule released!
New Seminar and Spring 07 Dates
Late Planner's Christmas Sale
Monthly Media Freebie
Leadership Nexus Creativity Event
New Seminars from the Midnight Oil Guys

We're pumped to announce that we're launching two new seminars for 2007! Catch one or the other or get both together for the full creative treatment.

Creative Worship: Culture Art Team Technology
If you've ever seen an excruciating PowerPoint presentation in worship then you know that just jumping on the digi-bandwagon does not necessarily create instant congregational renewal.

The real story in worship now is not the use of screens, but how screens and other forms of media come together to create powerful God experiences. Come see our newly redesigned seminar, Creative Worship, and explore what happens next with our latest thinking on culture, art, teams and technology.

Design Matters: How to Create Powerful Media for Worship
This next-level seminar takes a closer look at creating powerful media for worship with a in-depth and hands-on examination of principles for design, ways to utilize media in worship, tools of the trade, and much more. This seminar is in the final planning stages so watch for dates soon or contact us to book one.

Locations and Times for 2007
We're booking dates now so if you don't see one that fits your schedule let us know and we'll book one that works for you.

Late Planner's Christmas Sale

Are you a late planner? If you're not sure, take the following quiz:

1) I plan Christmas Eve worship:
A. At the end of last Christmas
B. During the summer or fall
C. On Christmas Eve Eve

If you connect with C more than A or B, then this is for you. We're offering a Late Planner's Christmas Sale. Now through Monday get $5 off any of our Christmas resource volumes.

Learn more here and let us help you get a jump on planning this year.

Monthly Media Freebie
Celebrate Christmas or the any part of the winter months with our popular Winter Lamp loop. This subtle motion background video is great for the Christmas season or during any event in the winter. The serene atmosphere with snow falling on the wooden post and its light evoke the light of the world and the cross of Jesus.

Download it now!

Many people say it is their favorite entry on our Christmas Loops disc. You can download Winter Lamp today or anytime this month as our December 2006 monthly media freebie. Plus, get the matching graphics here.

Leadership Nexus Creativity Event in Orlando
Speaking of seminars, our friends at the Leadership Nexus Foundation are offering a Creativity Retreat in Orlando on January 4-5, 2007.

The three event leaders are Jen Brassard, Kevin Brassard, and Ben Adams. All have been involved in Orlando’s creative industry at Disney or Universal and are deeply committed Christians. Get behind the scenes at Disney and explore applications for creativity in the local church with this unique event.

The event is at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Orlando, located at the corner of Apopka-Vineland and Conroy-Windermere, at 4851 S. Apopka-Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32819. The cost is $125.00 per person and will cover event expenses plus one meal. Each attendee is responsible for his / her own transportation and housing in Orlando.

For more information, contact Dr. Bob Pierson at: bpierson@leadershipnexus.net