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Vol 4, Number 6 | June 05
Summer Breeze, Makes Me Feel Fine
Summer Sampler
Design Matters 7
New Seminar Dates
Monthly Media Freebie
Cool Clothes for Summer
Summer Sampler

Summertime is a great time for turning down the volume on the ol’ workload and turning up the volume on relaxation. Unfortunately, many of us still have a worship service to produce every weekend. This is where Midnight Oil comes in. We have taken our most summer-y themes from all 3 volumes of spark and flame, and some from the future volume 4 too, and compiled a special resource called the Summer Sampler.

This limited edition download rersource includes 10 sets of images and 5 sets of video:

Graphics and Video
Graphics and Video
Graphics and Video
River Rocks
Graphics and Video
Graphics and Video
Wave Graphics Cycling Graphics Lifeguard Graphics Block Party Graphics

The Summer Sampler is only $30 and is available now through August 31 exclusively as a download from our store. Click here to buy now.

Also, if you have pre-ordered flame volume 3 and are still waiting on its release, we feel your pain. Flame volume 3 is about 4 weeks from being in your hands. We’re working on a couple of last killer pieces. Since 2 of the videos from the disk are part of this product, we want to extend a special discount to you as a pre-order customer. Be on the lookout for a separate email that will contain a 6-digit coupon code. Use this code when buying the Summer Sampler and get $10 off.
Design Matters 7

If you spend part of your summertime at the movies, you may stop and ask: Why in Star Wars films do Jedi, the good guys, fight primarily with blue and green lightsabers while the Sith, the bad guys, fight with red? Or why is Eeyore, the melancholic donkey from Winnie the Pooh, blue?

If you don’t ask yourself these types of questions—maybe you should. The answers to those and other artistic color choices can be found in the understanding of color symbolism.

The latest installment of our Design Matters series looks at the power of color to evoke feeling and impact how you communicate. Don’t just pick colors randomly—make it an intentional part of your graphic design. Read the whole article here.

Mapping Out New Seminar Spots

Summertime is also a good time for planning a trip to someplace new. Chart out a destination using our updated map of seminar dates and places.

The Digital Storytellers seminar is charting new territory this fall with a slate of events in new locations. Many of you have told us that you continue to wait for us to come to your corner of the world. Hopefully one of these dates marks the spot. Check out the list below:

June 21-23 St Louis, MO Churchmedia.net Convention
Aug 11-13 Santa Clara, CA Inspiration Conference
Sept 22 Omaha, NE Digital Storytellers Seminar
Sept 24 Toronto, ON Digital Storytellers Seminar
Oct 8 Detroit, MI Digital Storytellers Seminar
Nov 12 Camp Hill, PA Digital Storytellers Seminar

We’ve got a little piece of treasure for you, too: Register by June 30 and get $10 off for each person you sign up.

If these dates don’t reward your patience then you may consider our Virtual Seminar. This enhanced audio CD (meaning it’s our voices plus the screen media) is from actual seminars recorded at local churches like yours. This $49 version of the day contains the complete event minus 2 interactive components and includes the handbook that attendees receive.  Check out our virtual seminar here and share it with your colleagues today.
The Monthly Media Freebie

A week from Sunday, June 19, is Father’s Day. Here at Midnight Oil, we’re rapidly learning what it means to be a father, with Len’s third child coming any day and Jason’s first due in mid-August. Since we think fatherhood is so awesome—and also in recognition of our soon to be sleepless summer—we’ve put together a Father’s Day image and are offering it as our Monthly Media Freebie.

Click here to download.

Use this image in honor of your congregation’s fathers on June 19 and make sure to say, “Happy Father’s Day,” to your own Dad.

Cool Clothes for Summer

We continue to receive stories from churches that are using our media ministry shirts to grow and strengthen their teams. This month we heard from Jeff Poole. Here's a few comments from Jeff about his ministry:

What's Your Name, Church and Position?
My name is Jeff Poole and I am the Creative Arts Pastor here at Country Bible Church in Blair, NE.  For reference Blair is about 17 miles north and west of Omaha.

We're coming to Omaha this fall! How many people are on your team?
Currently serving on our Production Team is about 14.

Was your team excited when they got their shirts?
My team was VERY excited to get the shirts...mostly because they were free!  No really, they thought the shirts were not only a great recruiting tool but a unifying tool as well.

Nothing wrong with freebies. Any stories about people noticing the shirts?
Our story is no different than that of other that have bought the shirts in that everyone really took notice of them and wondered how “they could also get one.”  Our goal with purchasing the shirts was two-fold...the first was a recruiting tool and the second was just to create deeper sense of team among those on the Production Team.  All in all both goals were well achieved.  In the recruiting area we were simply asking God for about 4-5 additional folks to join the Production Team as summer approaches and many take extended vacations.  We’ve seen about 10 people not only express interest but move to a place of service in the Production Team.

Has having the shirts made your group feel more of sense of team?
I think that all those on the Team felt honored to be recognized and given something that sets them a part from other ministries in our church.

Anything else you’d like to say?
Thanks to the guys at MO for providing something unique for those serving in this areas of the church.

Thank you, Jeff, for your vibrant ministry. Continue to make disciples!

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