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Vol 4, Number 4 | April 05
The Digital Storytellers Seminar on Your Computer Screen
Happy 3rd Birthday
Virtual Seminar Now Online
Design Matters 6
Monthly Media Download
Seminar Schedule Upcoming
3 years old!
happy Birthday to Midnight Oil
As of Friday, April 15, we're officially 3 years old as a ministry! This past year has been a real rollercoaster. God continues to stretch us.

We've just gotten to know many of you in the past year. To all of our new customers, and especially our loyal ones, we want to give you a heartfelt thanks. Through purchasing our resources, attending our conferences, hosting our events, telling others about our ministry, and praying for us, you continue to help us make this crazy venture work. Thanks!
Digital Storytellers Seminar Online
Have you been interested in attending our Digital Storytellers seminar but haven't had the opportunity yet? Or maybe you experienced the event live and want to be able to share it with your team. Whether the Digital Storytellers seminar hasn't come to your space and time, or it came and left before you could drag your team along, we've got an answer for you: we're bringing the seminar right to your computer screen!

Virtual Seminar: An Enhanced Audio CDROM is the complete one-day Digital Storytellers seminar made avilable to you in the form of media files to watch on your computer screen and share with others at your convenience. Hear the entire day as recorded live on the road and see the graphics and videos as live attendees see them. Minus the graphic breakdown in Photoshop and some audience interaction and QnA, this is the complete day-long recording of the actual event as led by Len Wilson and Jason Moore.

Virtual Seminar includes a link to download the seminar sessions and a hard copy CDROM to be delivered to your doorstep for only $49. Available in Windows Media and Quicktime formats with accompanying graphics and videos or as audio-only MP3 files. For more information about the Virtual Seminar or to buy now, click here.

For more information about the contents of the seminar agenda, click here. To see the event live and in person, read on below.

Design Matters 6: Texture
Generally speaking, flat or solid color is boring. This is why most PowerPoint gradients and templates don't work. Texture frees us as artists from the dull rut of flat, uninteresting backgrounds by creating the illusion of the world around us. Sometimes these textures can be abstract, and other times they can be clearly recognized. Whatever the style, though, when we incorporate texture into our designs, we can take stark solid backgrounds that often throw off the balance of our images to a place that creates much more visual appeal.

For more on incorporating texture as part of good screen design for worship, read our newest Design Matters article.

Monthly Media Download
The temperatures are rising, and the chill of winter is almost completely gone from the air. Spring is nearly in full swing and for many of us, that means getting out to enjoy the great outdoors.

One popular spring and summer activity is camping. This month’s Monthly Media Freebie captures some of the excitement of sleeping under the stars while Roughing It.

In a sense, Jesus was the ultimate camper. As the Word became flesh, God made a dwelling among us. In other words, God arrived at the campground and pitched a tent. God took on our corruptible form, that we might be made incorruptible in Christ.

From spark volume 2, the Roughing It camping metaphor includes 3 BMP grahics, an editable PSD file, and a 2-pg creative guide. To download, click here.

Happy camping!
Dressed to Serve: Ministries and their Tshirts
Media ministry teams around the country are beginning to discover what it means to be dressed to serve. After a number of churches purchased large quantities of our media ministry t-shirts and hats, we decided to find out how ministries are using them to further their efforts to serve the church and proclaim the Gospel.

In the coming few months you may see a series of features highlighting what local churches such as yours are doing with their media teams. This month we spoke with Dave Reddel of Omaha, NE. Here's what he said:

What's Your Name, Church and Position?
David Reddel, Director of Cross+Vision, a video ministry of King of Kings Church in Omaha, NE.

How many people are on your team?
Seven, including our children's ministry pastor. We will be adding another two in the next few weeks.

Was your team excited when they got their shirts?
Our team was thrilled when they got the t-shirts. The younger team members thought it was cool that they looked like concert or "roadie" t-shirts!

Any stories about people noticing the shirts?
We have had several people comment on the shirts. One guy came by on Sunday and said "Sweet! Where do I get a shirt like that?" Instant recruitment tool! Our children's pastor wore his at the 11:15 am service this past Sunday and used it to announce to the congregation to get involved with Cross+Vision. I wish I had a pic of that!

We plan on using the shirts for a Cross+Vision promo that will run this fall once football season starts. Nebraska football has a big tradition here called the Nebraska "blackshirt" defense. We will do a cool ESPN look kind of thing with the shirts, encouraging people to become one of the "blackshirts" at King of Kings.

Great tie-in. Has having the shirts made your group feel more of sense of team?
The t-shirts are a great way to connect and build community and identity within the team. I had been at another church for almost 12 years and we transferred to King of Kings less than 8 months ago. We started this team from scatch and now have seven dedicated team players. We have done more than 25 different video projects that have been used in worship and have been used to support other church ministries. The DVD that we are doing for the children's ministry curriculum will contain more than 30 separate video pieces that will visually show how the curriculum works. I am so amazed and so humbled by what God is and continues to do with media ministry here at King of Kings.

Blessings to Dave and his crew of dedicated volunteers at King of Kings Church. May God richly bless your work and multiply your efforts in expanding the Kingdom!
Upcoming Seminars in April
Our passion to teach about media and ministry is as strong as ever, with 6 events scheduled in the next 5 weeks. Check out our locations and dates below to see if we're in your area. We'd love to have you.

If you're thinking about attending Inspiration in May in Charlotte, mention us when you register with them and you'll ge tthe whole package for only $59, which is incredible savings off of the standard pricing.

And, if you can't make it to the live event, you can now see the seminar on your computer screen. Check out our virtual seminar here.

Apr 16 Cleveland, OH Digital Storytellers Seminar
Apr 18 Lewes, DE Digital Storytellers Seminar
Apr 19-20 Las Vegas, NV NAB Convention
Apr 28 Joshua, TX (DFW area) Digital Storytellers Seminar
May 21 Charleston, SC Digital Storytellers Seminar
May 23-26 Charlotte, NC Inspiration Conference
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