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Vol 4, Number 11 | November 05
All Christmas, All the Time
New Christmas Resource - Personal Connection
Christmas Sale - 1/2 Off Your Second Cmas product
Spring 2006 Seminar Schedule
Christmas Freebie
Anyone Can Learn Media
Rebuilt Website Online
Announcing Personal Connection

We are so pumped about the holidays this year that we’re releasing another Christmas resource! Having children in the house, we start thinking about Christmas way, way early. Maybe you can relate. Or maybe you just like Christmas! We do, too.

Personal Connection is our third full-featured Christmas media resource including multiple versions of the core video, looping video backgrounds, still backgrounds, outreach and print materials, and much more, all with the same theme of an eternal, cosmic God who got involved with us, becoming incarnate in the form of a helpless baby.

Personal Connection ships December 1. Order your copy today!

Christmas Resource Sale

While you’re checking out Personal Connection, don’t miss our special bundle pricing for our Christmas media resources. Buy any of our Christmas Holiday media resources (Follow the Star, Rediscover Christmas, and Personal Connection), and get the second for half off! Each bundle of 2 resources is only $112.50.

Just like they do at the department stores. Except we don’t have eggnog and Santa Claus in the lobby.

Now through December 5. Click here for more info.

Seminar 2006 Dates

This past month has been chock full of Digital Storytellers seminars, with events in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Illinois. We're inspired by the hard work so many of you are doing to communicate the Gospel in this present time.

Even as we wrap up our fall seminars with some great events, the 2006 travel season is beginning to take shape. We currently have the following events booked for the first six months of next year:

Feb 18 Detroit Digital Storytellers Seminar
Feb 25 Houston Digital Storytellers Seminar
Mar 20-22 Phoenix FutureGen
Apr 29 Chicago Digital Storytellers Seminar
Jun 10 Pittsburgh Digital Storytellers Seminar
Anytime Your Computer Virtual Digital Storytellers Seminar

If you don’t see a preferred city, be on the lookout as we have 11 more events pending in locations around the country. We just can’t tell you where they are until we finalize. Trust us, we wish we could!

Check back in this same space next month and hopefully we’ll have the remaining dates finalized then. Or, just write us here and tell us you want us to come to your town!

The Monthly Media Freebie - Thanksgiving Style

We’re excited to give away one of the videos from our Fresh Out of the Box Volume 3 resource as this issue's monthly media freebie.

The video clip, which is entitled “Let it Be,” is a moving biblical storytelling of the angel’s visit to Mary, set to the sights and sounds of a baby in the womb, as seen through an ultrasound. Hearing the words of scripture set to such moving imagery creates a powerful impression!

We are often faced with decisions that seem impossible and mandates that don't make sense. Mary's response to the angel of "Let it be according to your Word," which is an acceptance of God's call to bear Jesus, is an inspiration for us to live life out of possibility rather than a need to control our own futures.

Download this clip and stir the hearts of your congregation this Christmas season.

NOTE: We have a new system for freebies with our relaunched website. If you do not know your password simply request a new one using the Forgot Password? link.
If you've previously signed up with us, and you had a custom password, you'll need to request a new one as custom passwords were not retained from the old site.

If you want the additional elements that go with the video, see the entire resource here.
Sparkign Worship Creativity
We got a nice e-mail the other day from Jennie Boggs regarding our Christmas themed graphic tutorial. Jennie is a 61-year-old newbie media minister at New Hope Baptist Church. She wrote and said:

Jennie's Graphic
Our Version
Hello, I love my download of how to tell the story with new light. This is the very first layered slide I have ever made. I am planning to use this slide in a presentation for the "Hanging of the Greens" ceremony at my church. I am the media minister there and obviously I am still learning.

Thank you for the free files to learn how to do better presentations for our Lord. Again I am new at this and need lots of help. So thanks.

Jennie Boggs
New Hope Baptist Church

We replied, so then she wrote again and said,

Thank you for the encouragement. And I don't mind the use of the e-mail, I am 61 yrs. old and if I can learn with lots of prayer, anyone can.

"Ain't God good."

Yes, Jennie, God is good. You are living proof, too! We are honored you find our resources helpful. You are an inspiration and a challenge to anyone out there who thinks making media is too much for them to learn. You set the bar high for any aspiring media minister, much less those who are half your age or younger.

If you want to be like Jennie and learn something new, why not start where she did with our Bethlehem Star Tutorial, available here.
New, Rebuilt Website

If you’ve been on our website this month you may have noticed something different. At first glance, the site looks about the same, but a little digging reveals some major changes. We have rebuilt it from the ground up to help you make your experience with our ministry better. Some of the new features include:

Our very own, more robust server. Enough of you like our freebies that our old shared server was choking to death. So we now operate on a dedicated server. No more bandwidth trouble!

A secure store. Instead of just sending you to the bank to process your credit cards, we now have made the entire store secure. This is part of our new server setup and our commitment to provide the safest experience possible. (By the way, we hear the stories about stolen credit cards, too, and want to assure you that we never have nor will we ever keep your credit card information. When you buy something from us the card is processed but not retained.)

Database capability. Instead of having to enter your information over and over for everything you do, we now have the ability to manage your data for you, including address books, order histories, retained shopping carts, notifications, newsletter status, and much more.

We also rebuilt many parts of the site, including the seminar, reading, training, and store sections. Our continued goal is to help your ministry to our digital age in the best way we know how. Give us some feedback here! We’d love to know what you think of it.

Click here to check it out.

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