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Midnight Oil Productions
volume 2, Number 6; December, 2003

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Christmas at Midnight Oil
Stuff Your Stocking with Flame 2
Semi-Annual Midnight Oil
Seminar Recap

Christmas Graphics at Midnight Oil
Christmas ResourceLooking for creative and powerful media for Christmas worship this year? We've got a variety of options to consider this December:

Our Christmas Gift to You. As an exclusive to our newsletter subscribers, we are offering a brand new high-quality video and image set at absolutely no charge. In this powerful animation a descending star comes down over the manger on Christmas, reflecting both the star in the biblical story and God's Incarnation in the world. The Bethlehem Star metaphor, which we call Follow the Star but you can call whatever you want, may be available on a future volume of spark* and flame but you can download it at no charge as a one-time exclusive this Christmas season.

All we ask in return is that you make a referral to a colleague of yours in ministry. To download the Bethlehem Star metaphor, click here to give us your name and email, and that of a friend in ministry. We'll include him or her in future Midnight Oil newsletters and send you a link to download the video and graphics.

Spark images. Looking for powerful images to go with your Christmas season worship services? Since spark images are metaphor-based, that means many different spark* images contain Christmas possibilities.

Streetlight and Oil Lamp, both from spark* volume 2, make good metaphors for the Incarnation, the Christ child's light to a darkened world. Streetlight, especially, has an ambience that goes well with the Christmas season.

See many more connections between spark and flame media and the Christmas stories, on our special Christmas 2003 section on the site.

For more ways to use spark* images, make sure and check out the Igniters that accompany each metaphor on the enclosed pdfs on your disc. And if you use other spark* and flame media for Christmas, we'd love to know about it. Drop us an email and tell us about your own creative application of Midnight Oil's resources.

Fresh Out of the Box Vol 3: Advent and Christmas is a new book/DVD resource containing 10 complete worship services from our work at Lumicon. Each of the 10 contain worship images, movie clip suggestions, scripts, and much more. Many also have original videos. Click here to learn more about this exciting new resource.

Stuff Your Stocking with Flame 2
Just in time for Christmas, flame volume 2 delivers 10 more high-quality short videos and animations that will set up your worship or sermon themes and topics. Create a memorable experience using flame video. As Ric Barnes of Celebration Church (Mason, OH) told us recently,

"Your images sear God's promise into people's memory."

Find out more information about flame videos, and see the new clips on volume 2 on our website.

For those of you who have pre-ordered flame volume 2, you'd better not shout and you'd better not cry. Flame volume 2 is coming to town, soon. The disc art is at the printer, and production is wrapping as you read this, so it won't be long now. If you haven't yet purchased, now is the time. Check out the store for details.

Celebrating Flight
Now through the end of December, get 10% off any original Midnight Oil resource. This includes spark* and flame Volumes 1 and 2, the Volume 1 and 2 Bundles, and the entire Library of all 4 discs. Prices for these products are marked down in the eStore now through December 31. Check out the reduced rates now!

Seminar Recap
With our ten-date fall tour of the Digital Storytellers one-day seminar now a wrap, it's time to look back on what has been a whirlwind run of events throughout the United States. From Amarillo to Baltimore, and Minneapolis to Augusta, we covered much of the country and got to meet many of you doing incredible things in ministry every day.

Many of you wrote that you appreciated our emphasis on the power of metaphor. Jeff Jones of Ashton, MD, said,

"Your Digital Storytellers seminar did a great job of getting me thinking more about metaphor for worship and preaching. Thank you for cluing me in to that idea. I have been around it but not totally convinced before, but now I am. Thank you for your leadership. Very inspirational."

Others wrote and told us that you liked the demo on creating images best, or the discussion of creating teams with synergy. Whether you're a pastor, worship leader, media minister, or layperson, there's something in the Digital Storytellers seminar for you. We already have 8 dates booked for the spring, with more coming soon. Check out the site for information and be on the lookout for a seminar in your area in 2004!

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