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Midnight Oil Productions
volume 2, Number 5; October, 2003

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Using flame video in worship
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Flame Volume 2: Coming Soon.
Pro-Quality Video at a Price Your Church Can Afford
The call to make disciples. That is the ongoing mission—and struggle—of the church. It’s especially difficult when the culture changes and our old wineskins, or methods, develop holes (Jesus’ parable of the wineskins may be found in Luke Chapter 5). In these times our challenge is to find new wineskins. New ways to hold the truth of the Gospel. One of the wineskins for our emerging digital culture is media.

That’s why we’re creating flame volume 2. Think of flame videos as media-oriented parables, or wineskins for our emerging culture. Click here for more information.

As we wrap production on flame volume 2, we know that many of you eagerly wait. So to help your worship planning, we’ve put previews of the clips on our website. Check out some of the variety of videos and animations available. And don’t forget that you can use these clips with spark volume 2 to create a seamless flow of media in worship that will make your production transparent and the Gospel visible.

Pre-order flame volume 2 for $45 and it will be shipped to you the day we finish making it. Or buy the volume 2 bundle for $80, which includes both flame videos and matching spark graphics, and get $10 off retail. Better yet, buy the entire library of spark and flame for $150 and get $30 off retail. Check out the various options at our store now.

Celebrating Flight
Using flame videos in worship
On December 17 the world will celebrate flight with the centennial of the inaugural voyage of Wilbur and Orville Wright. This significant milestone in human history makes for a good teaching metaphor for the church. In fact, one of the favorite videos of flame volume 1 has been Aviation. In this inspiring clip we see the pioneers of early flight struggle and then finally take to the air. This December is a great opportunity to use the Aviation video in your own worship setting. Check out Aviation and all of the metaphors from flame volume 1 now, and don’t forget about the matching spark* graphics.

Worship Leader’s Sept/Oct 03 issue talks about Midnight Oil’s Aviation metaphor, saying that our images are “some of the most effective messages in any marketplace, religious or secular.” In fact, the writer warns that when using the Aviation metaphor a preacher can’t afford a mediocre message, or it will “quickly be overshadowed by the stunning visuals. However, if the sermon and songs are carefully chosen and delivered, their impact will be piloted directly into the congregation’s heart.”

Read more in the latest issue of Worship Leader, and pick up the Aviation metaphor in the volume 1 bundle here.

Graphics for Gratis
We seem to get a lot of interest whenever we offer graphics without charge. (I wonder why…) So we’ve decided to do it again! This time, we’d like to find out more about what you’re doing in ministry, so we’ve created a short online survey about your use of media in worship. Take a minute to fill out the survey and you can download this sneak preview metaphor from spark* volume 3 at absolutely no charge. Here’s a thumbnail of the main graphic from the set, which is called Tree Roots:

As usual, the metaphor contains three-four flattened BMP files, the layered Photoshop file, and a 2-page PDF with a variety of ideas on how to use it in worship. Click here to go to the survey. Have fun!

For more free graphics, check out the Link the Lamp offer and other newsletters online.

Worship Workshop Opportunity

We’ve finished the first part of our fall schedule of media seminars around the country and are excited about the buzz surrounding using metaphors in media and worship. The first four stops of our fall tour have created a lot of ministry ideas and some comments from participants. Check these out:

"I received practical insight and spiritual rationale to move forward toward digital storytelling." - Dennis Rinehart, Clyde, OH
"We have experienced a rather painful worship war. Today I brought 7 of our leadership to this seminar. I appreciate the gentleness of your presentation. The wounds are healing. Thank you!" - Alice Peterson, West Chester, OH
"I loved metaphors and how they fit into worship, how to build teram synergy, and hearing the Bible verse and then seeing the same verse on video." - Kelley Gallagher, West Milton, OH
"For being in a huge group, the workshop felt one on one." - Tiffany Craft, Sidney, OH
(With apologies to our friend Len Sweet. We didn't write it!) "We've used Sweet's EPIC to design worship. This is more clear. This helps us see more clearly how to go about worship with story, experience, metaphor, etc. We've got to think visually not textually!" - Kim Kesecker, Frederick, MD
"It was a good mix of presentation style, with teaching, video, questions, and group exercise." - Barbara Cooper, Tipp City, OH
"There is great power in this." - Bruce Tischler, New Rochelle, NY
"The best thing was how specific, clear and simple the presenters made the material." - Randy Goldenberg, Frederick, MD
"Even the smaller church can being heading in this direction." - Denise James, Troy, OH
"I've heard other 'young' guys in such positions who are very arrogant and full of themselves. You display a beautiful humility and respect for your audience as well as the traditions/churches you grew up in. I was also very impressed with how the 2 presenters shared the stage so naturally and smoothly." - Kim Kesecker, Frederick, MD

Over two thirds of attendees have given us the highest possible rating. Make sure and catch us in the following locations the remainder of this fall:

Oct 29 Harlem United Methodist Church, Augusta, GA
Oct 30 Peachtree City United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA
Nov 4 First United Methodist Church, Iowa City, IA
Nov 11 Golden Valley Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN

And be on the lookout for a full spring slate of seminars around the country coming soon. If you’d like to see Digital Storytellers come to your neighborhood, we'd love to know about it.

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