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volume 2, Number 2; April 15, 2003

As taxpayers all over the country stand in line at the post office to get that all important postmark dated April 15th, we here at Midnight Oil are pulling out the party hats, birthday cake and ice cream as we celebrate our official one year anniversary. Who knew that tax day could be celebrated in such a fun way?

So much has happened in our first year as a company and we’re grateful that God has brought us so far. From the birth of spark and flame, to the release of the Digital Storytellers book/DVD, to the formation of several key partnerships—this has been a year to remember.

We’d like to thank all of you who have supported our ministry by using our resources, reading our books, attending our conferences, and lifting us up in your prayers.

As a way to show our appreciation we’d like to offer you a present. (What would a birthday be without presents?) All orders made between April 15th and April 22nd will be shipped for free! The only catch is that you have to order by telephone.

TX: 972-841-3488 OH: 937-308-6150 (9:30 EST - 6:30 EST)

There’s no denying the power of video for creating an experience of God in worship. But what if you want something more creative and meaningful than nature footage and abstract computer designs?

Now shipping, flame is a collection of 10 metaphor-based video and animation clips for use as worship themes and illustrations. Each volume of flame is a companion to many of most powerful metaphors in each volume of spark*. Think of them as parables for the digital age.

Download one of the clips from volume 1 for free, or see preview versions of all 10. At less than $5 per video, flame is the essential companion for every spark* user. Or it may even work on its own as a powerful way to communicate God’s Word in worship. Or buy them together and save $10 on the matching set!

Josh Cordle of Crossroads UMC says about the bundle, “Midnight Oil material is really fabulous. The 'themes' are very adaptable to a variety of topics and with the ability to customize both motion and still graphics it allows the speaker to title their own message. The quality is far above many of the graphics/videos I have seen for church use.”

We’re finally at it again. It’s been a while since we’ve written, but our creative juices couldn’t be contained any longer. Here’s an excerpt from our upcoming article on teams, which appears in the May issue of Technologies for Worship magazine:

How do we as 21st-century pioneers find team synergy that will allow our ministries to take flight? The answer may lie in the working relationship of two brothers from the Midwest whose combined efforts went beyond what either could have achieved alone. As partners in ministry who share a brotherly type of relationship, we find inspiration in the Wright Brothers. We’re probably all somewhat familiar with their story, but as we celebrate the 100th anniversary of flight it is worth taking a closer look at how they formed a team that changed the world.

The birth of flight was much less glamorous than many of us would picture in our minds. On the morning of December 17, 1903, at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Orville and Wilbur Wright put a plane in the air for 12 seconds, covering a total of 120 feet. That’s 10 feet per second, or 6.8 miles per hour. They probably could have run faster. But by the end of that same day they had launched three other flights, with the last going 852 feet in 59 seconds and ending in a dramatic accident that nearly totaled the plane and ended test flights for the rest of that year.

Their feat was remarkable in ways that we probably can’t fully imagine. It literally took years of blood, sweat and tears just to go 120 feet in the air. The path to this victory wasn’t smooth, by any means. The Wright brothers took their victories however they could. It is important for us to view our struggles in ministry with teams the same way. There will be conflicts and failures, with tiny victories in between, but if we stay committed, we can be assured that eventually, we will achieve an elusive yet transforming synergy.

For the whole article see the May issue of Technologies for Worship magazine or visit www.tfwm.com.

Finally! The first phase of our complete website is now online. We’ve got the resource section with a complete list available, with descriptions of each, as well as a bit more about who we are. Of course, we still have our store available. And coming soon: more info about the Digital Storytellers seminar and The Wired Church Training Center. Check us out (and let us know if you see any bugs!)

A special "hey" to all of you who attended one of our winter seminars! The Digital Storytellers seminar has been a great success in 2003 already, with a number of great events in February and March. We thought we'd share some of the feedback we've been getting:

“This is the best conference of this kind I’ve heard and I’ve been looking!” –Nancy Turner, pastor
“This workshop helped me see more clearly the direction that our media ministry needs to head.” – Scott Spears, media director
“Real life stories and experiences helped flesh out the more daunting task of realizing vision and methods (as opposed to just the technical).” –Steve Grimm
“I appreciated seeing what was possible, getting some theological grounding for what we do, and casting an inspirational vision.” – Matt Miofsky, pastor
“Two regular guys made complex issues sound simple and doable.” –Rohnn Kostelesky, sound
“[The best thing was] the practical team building ideas, creative use of culture, and practical tips for computers.” –William Reese, pastor
“It was fast paced, well-organized with lots of examples. You demystified the whole process whereas other workshops make it seem more difficult.” – Diane Sadler, educational specialist
“I liked the lay language, easy-to-do feeling, encouragement and vision.” –Kathleen Wilder, pastor

Stay tuned for more dates. We’ve got the summer tour dates booked and are working on the fall, with multiple dates already booked in Ohio, Texas and Georgia.

If you want more information about the seminar or are interested in hosting, please drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

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