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Spark Your Creativity
In its first few months of life, spark* is proving to be a valuable resource for worship planners everywhere.

A lot of worship leaders and tech directors like it for its versatility: It works well both “as a resource and an example of excellence” to follow. (So says worship planner Chris Lesher)

Others like it for its ability to “generate new ideas.” (Nikki Alexander)

Or as another media director put it, “it’s just cool … When does volume 2 come out?” (Nathan Venegas) [ed: Nathan, spark* volume 2 should ship 1st quarter 2003.]

Photoshop layersWith a “wide range of treatments and looks” (Sally Morgenthaler), the ability to personalize those looks with layered Adobe image files, and a price of only $45.00, spark* is “too valuable for churches not to get” (Bill Easum). Click here to see a demo showing what layered files can do for you. In fact, a lot of people tell us we should charge a lot more for spark*. But we’re holding out for the regular church.

Check spark* volume 1 out and order your copy today at the Midnight Oil Store.

The Wow Factor
As cool as spark* graphics may be, sometimes a still image just isn’t enough. As we’ve been told, video has a “wow” factor that just can’t be beat.

Flame PackagingWell, we agree. That is why we are creating a companion disc for spark*. flame brings 10 of the 30 metaphors of its matching spark* volume to life in moving videos and animations that are perfect for calls to worship, sermon setups, and much more. Each clip comes in the popular MPEG-1 format, ranges from about 30 seconds to a minute in length and ships with a version titled like the matching spark* graphic, and one with no words (in case you want to insert your own).

We’re hard at work as you read this (see above for a behind the scenes photo).

In fact, we’re giving one of them away for free! Click here to download the compass video we’ve entitled “True North.”

flame volume 1 will ship soon. Stay tuned!

Online. Finally!
For all of those who kept us on task in 2002, this site’s for you. We finally have a few things online—mainly thumbnails and info about spark* volume 1 and the ability to buy it, as well as a few books. Check us periodically as we keep the site fresh with new info and resources.

Special thanks to Kilotek, LLC for their online contribution to our ministry.

Site Link

Learn Firsthand
Reading the book is good, but there’s nothing like experiencing something firsthand. This is certainly true for Digital Storytellers. So we lead an all-day seminar to talk about the interface of media and worship. Some of our evaluation comments:

"Very moving and knowledgable." (volunteer, FUMC Gordo AL)

"My vision for what is possible has been stretched!" (Pastor, Community UMC Oldsmar FL)

"I'd feel much more authoritative if I had something negative to say... but I don't." (pastor, Chicago, IL)

Digital Storytellers

Our 2002 all-day Digital Storytellers seminars averaged over 100 participants each in such places as Akron-Canton, Atlanta, Birmingham, Cape Girardeau MO, Chicago, Des Moines, New York City, Tampa and central Texas.

Our first half 2003 schedule is complete. We look forward to learning together at:

1/23-1/25 Lumicon Institute event, Dallas TX
1/30-2/2 Break Forth 2003 exposition, Edmonton AB
2/8 Digital Storytellers event, St. Louis MO, host: Jennifer March, 314-961-3164 x225, jmarch@fclass.net
2/22 Digital Storytellers event, Shreveport LA, host: Jack O”Dell, 318-861-0586, jack@broadmoorumc.org
3/15 Digital Storytellers event, Pittsburgh PA, host: Erin Cox-Holmes, 724-783-7196, erinch@kiskipby.org
4/29-30 Easum Bandy Convergence 2003, Columbus OH
5/1-3 Lumicon Institute event, Dallas TX
5/19-23 Inspiration 2003 workshops and exposition, Cincinnati OH
7/11-12 Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts National Convocation, Detroit, MI

We've Been Oozed
Do you ooze? If you’re into ministry in the postmodern world you may enjoy the ooze, a ministry site with a plethora of fascinating and helpful articles, reviews, links, and more. We enjoy oozing, and now we’re honored to be featured as well. Check out their review of our book Digital Storytellers. (But if you’re going to buy it, go here and not Amazon.)

We hope this issue of Midnight Oil eNews is helpful in your quest to create powerful digital media for ministry.

Look for your next issue coming soon.

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