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Setting Worship on Fire
"Digital Art...?!"
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Setting Worship on Fire

The first of our new series of worship graphics resources is almost ready for shipping! Called spark*, each volume in the series will feature over 100 graphics grouped into 30 metaphors. With a retail price of only $45, spark* is guaranteed to light up your creative worship sessions at a price your church’s budget can afford. We’ve been hard at work for months on this exciting new product. Look for spark* volume 1 to be available in August from our website or your favorite retailer. Email us at to pre-order your copy now!

Among what spark* has to offer in each volume:

Customizable graphics. With layered Adobe Photoshop™ files, the ability to make every graphic match your own unique theme is a breeze. You can move objects, change theme lines and even alter the color scheme, giving you the opportunity to make every week a fully-customized, professional artistic experience.

Igniters. A series of topics that link the metaphor to a powerful worship experience. We believe your own unique ideas are the best ideas for reaching your congregation, but every once in a while you need something to get you going. This is it.

Additional Ideas. The power of metaphor is so much better when it is reinforced through such creative elements as music, drama, film clips and creative display. We provide a couple of ideas to get your fire burning.

Font information. Who wants to use Arial and Times every week on screen? Not us, so for every graphic we create, we provide you with information for integrating the font into such uses as making scripture reference, sermon points, or simply changing the theme.

flame. Sometimes a simple graphic just isn't enough. So we've chosen 10 of the 30 metaphors on each volume of
spark* to come with a matching video clip. Look for future volumes of flame videos to complement your fav graphics.

A sampling of spark* images contained in volume 1.

"Digital Art...?!"

A phrase not often heard, “digital art” is the idea that your worship graphics can be more powerful than the typical PowerPoint gradient. We’ve spent an entire book outlining how an artistic, story-based approach to worship can transform your “contemporary” service into a powerful experience of God.
Digital Storytellers book
Church growth guru Sally Morgenthaler says about the book:

"Whether you're anti-screen or antiquated screen, Digital Storytellers will challenge you and your congregation to move beyond your comfrot zones. Way beyond. A thoughtful, hands-on guide, authored in the trenches of digital ministry."

Check out the book and DVD now! Available in bookstores or from us at Drop us an email with your phone number and we’ll get you a copy of the book pronto. All orders through this e-newsletter come with an exclusive 20% discount, available through Aug 15, 2002.

Taking Media to the Next Level

Want to learn how to use the screen to create a powerful experience of God (rather than a boring boardroom presentation)? We have a passion to help churches communicate the grace of Jesus in ways that our culture understands.

Come spend a day with us and learn a lot of what you need to know to create an effective digital media ministry. Topics range from vision casting and theology to design and philosophy, team building, training tips, technical tips, potential uses in worship settings, how to demonstrations- the whole nine yards...

What are people saying about the day? Vicky Curtiss, a pastor from Ames, Iowa, said, “Though exposed to some of this before, what helped the most was emphasis on metaphor, lucidity and what helps to evolve and make a team."

We look forward to a valuable time of mutual learning at 7 different locations throughout the US between now and February, 2003. For information about attending one of these events, contact the host below or email us at

Inspiration 2002, Atlanta, GA,
North Alabama Conference UMC, Birmingham, AL, Danette Clifton,, 888-448-6423
Lumicon Institute gathering, Dallas TX, Dr. Tom Boomershine,, 1-866-LUMICON
East Ohio Conference, Canton, OH, Kay Panovec,, 800-831-3972 x118
Grace Lutheran Church, Love’s Park, IL (Chicago metro), Rev. Robert Driver-Bishop,, 815-633-8075
Hyde Park United Methodist Church, Tampa, FL, Rev. Warren Pattison,, 813-253-5388
Fort Worth, TX, Lake Worth UMC, Rev. Frank Briggs,, 817.237.2758
Lumicon Institute gathering, Dallas TX, Dr. Tom Boomershine,, 1-866-LUMICON
Webster Hills United Methodist Church, Webster Groves, MO (St. Louis),, 314-961-3164 x225

Interested Hosts, Click Here...

As we plan our 2003 speaking schedule we’re interested in hosts. If you’d like more information about what it takes to host a Digital Storytellers event, email us at (Hint: you can bring as many volunteers as you want for free!)

The hard part of starting our own business is over! (For now, at least.) Quarter 2, 2002 has been incredibly busy for us (Len Wilson and Jason Moore), with the most important piece of business being that we are now officially Midnight Oil Productions, LLC. After working with others at Ginghamsurg Church and Lumicon/UMR Communications, we’re celebrating the culmination of a 4-year old dream to serve churches ministering to digital culture with our very own company. Now if we can just figure out how to pay the tax man on time, we can avoid being partners in crime…

We hope this issue of Midnight Oil eNews is helpful in your quest to create powerful digital media for ministry.

Look for your next issue coming soon.

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