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Announcement from Midnight Oil Productions
New Tutorial, Creative Worship DVD Shipping
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Two announcements from Midnight Oil this week:

One, our Creative Worship DVD is now shipping. For the first time, we have a complete Midnight Oil seminar on DVD for you and your team to learn together at your own ministry base.

Recorded in an intimate collegiate atmosphere at Northwest Nazarene University in Boise ID, this 2-disc set includes the complete day of seminar teaching and training. It features detailed QnA in every session, including an extended discussion on worship media copyright. As a bonus, the seminar handbook is included in PDF form for you to copy and follow along with your team.

The Creative Worship Seminar DVD is available for $69 - less than the price of admission for a single person. Learn more here:

Creative Worship Seminar on DVD

Middle CTwo, we're happy to announce The newest entry in our popular series of free, downloadable step-by-step exercises for building your own high-quality images for worship. This is the venerable Middle C Tutorial, a staple of our teaching ministry for almost 10 years. For the first time, get it online in a step-by-step format with this tutorial.

The tutorial comes complete with source images and a PDF document containing specific instructions on how to create a professional-quality image for worship in Adobe Photoshop/Elements.

Get the Middle C Music Tutorial here.

Tutorial Contest: Once you complete this tutorial, send us your version for submission. We're going to pick one entry and announce it in next month's newsletter. The winning design will get a free media ministry hat of his or her choice.