It's official ... Midnight Oil 4.0 is here!

If you've popped in on us at anytime this week you probably noticed a completely built from scratch spanking new website with all sorts of cool features. It's been over a year in the making, and we're very excited to announce that the fourth version of our site is now open for business.

Browse over and check out new features such as site wide searches (which will make searching for topics and scripture related imagery easier), a brand new blog (our latest and greatest thoughts and observances) and a whole new store with lots of snazzy new "web 2.0" effects - including huge product previews! This time we think we got it right with much easier navigation and checkout options. Oh - and the site is much faster!

We've also moved the forum over to ... because they are incredible at doing forums. We hope you'll check it out and join the discussion.

In the coming weeks in this space and on our blog, we'll highlight some of the new things you can do after registering on our site. Come on by and make yourself at home!

We're so excited about our big announcement that we've decided to celebrate by putting our worship announcement resource, Announce It! Volume 1, on sale for $39. That's 50 customizable announcements for 10 bucks off the regular price (making them less than a buck a piece). Check it out here and browse the whole collection. Sale ends Feb 14.





Thanks for your continued support of our ministry. You're in our thoughts and prayers in these trying times!

Jason and Len

The MO Guys