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Announcement from Midnight Oil Productions
Plus Lifetime Membership: Free Midnight Oil Media Forever
PLUS Lifetime Membership

Multiply the value of a PLUS membership to the infinite degree with the Midnight Oil Plus Lifetime Membership.

This special PLUS membership has been created by the request of Midnight Oil subscribers such as yourself. Enjoy all of the benefits of a PLUS membership, with one special hook:

Instead of getting 10% off Midnight Oil products for one year, Plus Lifetime members will receive one free copy of every volume of media we produce, forever!

We're averaging about 10 volumes of media a year ranging from loops to stills to seasonal media to much more. At retail prices, Plus Lifetime is less than the cost of 2 years of media. Then you can enjoy new volumes from one of the leading international media ministries, forever.

Midnight Oil Plus Lifetime Membership

Also, this special membership comes with a money back guarantee: If your membership isn't worth its cost multiple times over in the next five years, we'll refund it to you. Note that offer does not include books, seminar registrations, software and apparel.

In addition to free media for life, PLUS Lifetime comes with the same value you'll get in our annual PLUS membership:

• One free volume of Midnight Oil media on signup (please specify in comments field at checkout)
• Free annual Monthly Media Freebie CD ($25 value)
• Exclusive sales and offers by email
• $20 off seminar registrations
• $20 off EasyWorship and MediaShout
• Monthly live online consultations with Jason and Len
• Additional media options in the Monthly Media Freebie
• And your very own numerically sequenced membership card!
• (Numbers used in future Midnight Oil drawings and activities)

Learn more here:

Midnight Oil Plus Lifetime Membership

And if the cost of MO Plus Lifetime is too much, consider the annual PLUS membership here:

Midnight Oil Plus Annual Membership

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