Worship Media Library Sale

Where can you get an incredible set of media for worship for about a dollar?

Announcing our fourth annual insane library sale! Once a year we mark down our entire library of loops, stills, intro videos and countdowns to help you manage the weekly demand of worship media.

For the next two weeks, get our entire library of media for only $199. That's over 120 sets of still image themes and 77 videos for about a buck a set. A lot cheaper than the $1500+ you'd spend getting them one at a time.

Now for the first time, we've put our sermon ideas online. Search our library by scripture and topic! Find the perfect theme for topics like discipleship or faith, or just the right image for a specific scripture / Bible text.

And this year we're going even crazier! For the next two weeks, not only can you get our library for only $199, but we're throwing in 50 announcement graphics on Announce It! Volume 1 for free!

Click here to learn more: The annual insane library sale

Blessings to each of you,

Jason Moore and Len Wilson

The MO Guys