Announcement from Midnight Oil Productions
Midnight Oil Library Sale - only $199

Where can you get a set of media for worship for about a dollar?

Announcing our third annual library sale! Once a year we mark down our entire library of loops, stills, intro videos and countdowns to help you manage the weekly demand of worship media.

Except this year we're taking a little extra off. For the next week, get our library for only $199! That's over 120 sets of still image themes and 77 videos for about a buck a set. A lot cheaper than the $1500+ you'd spend getting them one at a time.

The annual Midnight Oil insane library sale

Here's a sampling of some of our most popular themes, all a part of the library:

Communion Palm Branch Mountaintop Tree Roots Creation
Lighthouse Harvest Dove Grill Home Construction
Wave Cross Crown of Thorns Chalkboard Waterfall
Fishing Boat Shackles Candle Hamster Wheel Road