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WordPress E-commerce Site Design: Pulling Back the Curtain on Midnight Oil v4

Shopp and WordPress at Midnight Oil 4.0

In the spirit of being a teaching ministry, here’s what resides behind the curtain of our new website. Maybe there’s something here that will help your own web development.

About 15 months ago we began to realize that our old version 3 site, which we built from the ground up in 2005 using custom-made php files and zen-cart ecommerce, was getting long in the tooth. We have had to teach ourselves web development as a necessity for survival over the years, and at the time we built the v3 site, out of ignorance, we “hacked” the core code of zen in a number of places in order to get it to do what we wanted. Which worked but rendered it immune to upgrades from zen (not that there were that many).

That meant that for v4, we needed to start from scratch. What platform should we choose?

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