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5 Things Visitors to Your Church Are Thinking But Won’t Ask

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is that I get to help churches see things from a different perspective. I’ve done a lot of consulting over the years, but recently that’s increased significantly.

As a consultant, I’m usually brought in to inspire new models of worship design/implementation. This usually takes place in the form of a two-day seminar. Part two of the process involves me attending worship as a sort of “secret worshiper”, so that I can give the staff a very honest assessment of what is working/not working.

Finally I give suggestions and solutions to the things I’ve identified as needing work in a post-worship lunch session.  Sounds dangerous right?

So far, no one has thrown anything at me, and I’m glad to say that I’ve had nothing but positive feedback.

I recently was looking back at my notes from the consultations done in 2011, and I found that there are some common questions all churches should be asking about their worship. Here they are:


1.)  Where am I supposed to go?

When I arrive at a church I’m consulting with, the first thing I do is walk into the building and to try and figure out where the classrooms and worship areas are. What I’ve found is that most churches forget that the building is foreign territory for a visitor.

Most churches have signage in place, but more often than not, the signage is not very prominent, can be confusing and sometimes can be interpreted as wrong; especially in older churches with lots of additions. Next time you walk into your building, look for your signage. Is it easy to see? Is it clear? Is it right?
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The Twelve Deals of Christmas: #4, 5 and 6


Twelve days, twelve deals!

Let us deck your halls with Midnight Oil boughs of holly and our 2010 12 Deals of Christmas series. Every day or two we’re going to announce a new, limited-time Christmas offer. These amazing deals will only last 48 hours and will only be available through Midnight Oil Productions. You ready? Here we go!

Creative Worship on DVD

Only $45 (regularly $69)

Get our trademark seminar on DVD for its lowest price ever! For two days only – good through Wed night Dec 9.

On the fifth deal of Christmas, we have….

Creative Worship Samples and Illustrations

Only $45 (regularly $69)

Get a great collection of worship media ready to use in worship – everything we show in our seminars on one DVD.

On the sixth deal of Christmas, we have….

Buy One Get One Free: Christmas Loops 1 and 2

Only $60 for both (regularly $120)

Buy one get one – get all 20 of our Christmas Loops with matching images for the price of one.


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Sermon Series Idea: Questions for God

 width=In addition to my work at Midnight Oil, I serve as Creative Director at my church, Trietsch. I periodically post descriptions of sermon series, in case any of our creative ideas provide material for your own planning.

At Trietsch, we just finished a five-week sermon series called Questions for God. For two months prior to the start of the series, we offered people the opportunity to submit their thorniest theological question: If you had the opportunity to sit down with God, what question would you ask?

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